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FMCG365 Event – 2019

Discovered: New day in the week!

“According to almost 70% of questioned sales, CRM and marketing managers, bad planning results in 5 to 10 hours of lost time per work week for field workers. These results emerged from a questionnaire we gave our key players during our FMCG365 event. Loss of time due to inefficient planning mounts up to a whole day of work per 40-hour-work week,” says Tom Moortgat, CEO of Avento.

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Spontaneous words of our customers: we just collected them!

There’s no stronger argument than the praise of our happy customers. Okay, we’ll admit it. We’ve collected these words ourselves. And we don’t have that much competition for our solutions, customers bring on other customers. That’s true. On top of that, there’s a lot of progression to be made in the field of CRM, starting with mobile CRM. You are completely right. Quick wins, you might think. However, read on because these testimonials will give you a good idea of what we can do.

Read more > spring update gives FMCG365 even more muscles

FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution, already has a lot of muscles. You can regularly read about it in our blogs. Now, we can beef up those blogs with the following features: easy to customize, even better conflict management between users, improved navigation, efficient screen usage and faster synchronization that can take on large volumes of data.

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SharePoint moves from Mechelen to Mechelen

From now on, ‘fearless’ Avento will support it. Since Telenet will no longer host SharePoint, a Microsoft platform, they recommended their clients to choose Avento as their new SharePoint host. This way, SharePoint is practically coming home. From the Liersesteenweg to the Schaliënhoevedreef: only a small distance but a huge leap nonetheless.

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No fear of thirst this summer!

Will we experience a bone-dry summer this year? Or one that will leave enough room for a cup of coffee? Either way, it’s no problem. That refreshing cocktail or hot coffee is always within reach thanks to FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution. Mostly within reach of field managers, marketeers and – of course – CEOs. 😉

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FMCG365 with ‘test drive’ in AppSource showroom

Let’s be honest: a test drive tells you more than a brochure with specs and performance rates. To have both would be ideal. And that’s exactly what Avento has to offer: a test drive with a true roadster. An opportunity that many constructors want, but only a few really get.

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Avento and FMCG365 man Microsoft Technology Centre

Microsoft Technology Centre is installed at Zaventem Airport, in the Passport Building which almost looks over the tarmac. And guess who’s also touched down there, alongside five other exhibitors, to impress international and tech-savvy travelers? Read more >

Boxing in a round ring: 4 reasons why you should do that with FMCG365

Tournée Minérale is a fixture. As is FMCG365 in the food and beverages industry. They’re even partners in crime: a marketing challenge such as an alcohol-free month is an ideal test for Avento’s mobile CRM solution. In this blog, we’ll highlight the four most important reasons as to why that is the case. But boxing in a round ring? We’ll explain that first.

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I love FMCG365 (m/v)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to shower people with compliments. Most of them will obviously go to your lover and will remain between the two of you. But what if you’re far away from your best and unmissable partner at work? Wouldn’t you send them a compliment too?

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Actions! For every question and every type of weather

FMCG365 – Action tools

Efficient CRM considers specific tasks and surveys that need to be executed. In Avento’s mobile CRM solution, these tasks and surveys can be carried out in a quick, structured and personalized manner. Prepare your actions and let them begin when you want them to… or when the weather wants them to.

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