Avento on Kanaal Z with Van Marcke

Just wanted to let you know we’ve been on TV, because we’re pretty proud of that. In the clip from Kanaal Z below, Pascal De Spiegeleer and Vincent Verraest of Van Marcke tell you how Avento worked out and implemented a new CRM system, based on Microsoft.

Van Marcke has developed a clear-cut strategy to grow in the B2B market, especially when it comes to property and real estate developers. A new, more user-friendly and most of all more intelligent CRM had to help them achieve this goal.

Van Marcke was already working with Dynamics365 for 4 years, so they could streamline their sales and marketing activities, considering their clients and their buying behavior. At the end of last year, Van Marcke switched to Unified Interface, a system that allows everyone to work in a uniform way with enriched data on their preferred platform: pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The biggest advantage is that the info that users insert is immediately picked up by the system and enriched with linked data from other sources and departments. The CRM almost instantly makes this enriched information available again to all users. They can use it to plan actions.

“For years now, we dispose of a massive amount of client information, spread out across different departments and employees. To use this data strategically, we definitely needed a strong digital tool,” says Pascal De Spiegeleer. “We chose for Avento 4 years ago because they are a flexible partner. They immediately respond to your needs, without losing focus on the long-term goals. They also actively think about further developments,” Vincent Verraest adds.

Lee Yudhira, operations manager at Avento, explains how Avento simplified the ‘onboarding’ of the new CRM system for Van Marcke. And how Avento continuously helps to develop their strategy via a presence in Van Marcke’s ‘steering committees’.