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Why have one beer when you’re paying for four?

Obviously, this almost never happens. However, in the case of software… As a privileged partner of Microsoft, we got to get something off our chest. We notice that the many fantastic possibilities of Microsoft Office 365 E3 aren’t actually used that often. Many people don’t even know them: more than half of the tools in the Office 365 package are hardly or never used. So, you see? You actually are ignoring three tasty beers!

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Three advantages of Avento’s account card

FMCG365 – Master data

Avento’s FMCG365 is a mobile CRM solution with a set of powerful qualities that can further strengthen your leading position. FMCG365 is based on the common standards on the FMCG market and is easily configurable according to the specific needs of your company. In this blog, we will shed some light on all the different functions.

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Three steps to really empower your team with FMCG365

Are all possibilities put to good use? Is there any room for improvement? And how can we bring about this improvement? These are all vital questions that are relevant to every level in a company, from CEO to employee. For your sales division, providing your teams with the right insights and appropriate coaching is key in order for them to raise their efficiency. That’s the way to team empowerment.

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3 tips for optimising the workload for your field workers

What are people working on? You often hear ‘The category Managers are on the road’.  But anything can happen ‘on the road’ 😉

Who is doing what? How do you, as Category Manager or Marketing & Sales Manager, divide the work across the regions so that nobody is over or underused? Does X or Y perhaps have a little space to do more? How can we expand to new regions? The standard answer that ‘everyone is on the road’ is not really adequate.

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Avento FMCG365. Breweries know why.

Two breweries recently chose Avento as their CRM partner. The two Belgian breweries will work with Avento to bring a rich palette of Brabant classics and Ardenne high-yeast beer to the market. These deserving beers, the names of which we cannot (yet) reveal, will emulate the values of Duvel, Vedett, Gouden Carolus, Maneblusser, and the Westmalles. Success will hopefully generate success. The breweries Moortgat, Het Anker, and de Abdij from Westmalle have previously opted for Avento’s FMCG356.

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“Nothing works here without the FMCG365 ‘Store Check’!”

Watch the video clip to see for yourself. A whole host of clients are now fans of Avento’s FMCG365 solution. The ‘Store Check’ is particularly useful for sales representatives who visit retail outlets and have to perform a series of checks: price, promotions, stock, shelf space, etc.

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Zero code, many benefits

Zero code – the recent buzzword in the world of IT – is not just hype. It is the next big thing that will be around for a while to come. But what exactly is zero code? In short, these are software applications that users can customise themselves as they wish with just a few mouse clicks or apps, in other words with no coding work required.

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