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Avento among top favourites again this year for

After winning the Innovation Award from in 2019, Avento is one of the favourites of the Slovakian giant in mobile digital services once again this year. Avento was among the finalists for the categories ‘Partner of the Year’ and ‘Innovation Award’. “We should be really proud of this. Over 300 partners took part in the conference. Resco may not be a household name but it is a genuine leader and game-changer in mobile CRM,” according to Avento’s CEO Tom Moortgat.

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Integrated Assortment Management: The engine behind efficient marketing

Field workers in the fast moving consumer goods sector are gradually outgrowing Excel files. They are increasingly equipped with Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM-app from Avento. And the engine behind Fearless Leader is gaining a little extra horse-power as the options offered by Fearless Leader for Assortment Management are being expanded. ‘It’s a genuine slam-dunk’, according to Steven De Backer from Avento. ‘That was clear from the positive reactions from leading businesses in the fast moving consumer goods sector who attended Avento’s round table event for Fearless Leader users.’

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Fearless Leader, what’s in a name

No doubt you will be aware by now that Fearless Leader is the new name for Avento’s much vaunted mobile CRM app. We can forget the old name but we should remember that Fearless Leader is largely used in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. Fearless Leader supports the field workers of companies such as Mentos, Coca-Cola, Westmalle, Duvel, AA Drinks and other illustrious brands in their sales activities on the ground. Read more >

Working on a Microsoft cloud

Corona has brought many issues into the spotlight and is continuing to do so. One of the few positive effects of the pandemic has been the relaxation of the working organisation due to (sometimes mandatory) home-working and the fact that businesses have made huge efforts in terms of migration/integration in the cloud. Read more >

Buy two Coronas, get one Mort Subite free

That was the slogan of a Delhaize Shop & Go in Brussels, promising a free “Sudden Death” beer for every two Corona beers bought! ‘The customers thought it was funny’, said the staff, but Delhaize management quickly brought an end to the campaign at the beginning of March. But why bring this story up again? Read more >

No more problems with your devices, thanks to the Field Service solution

Even during these times of Corona, Avento has been working hard. We recently held a digital round table about our Field Service solution. Appliances such as taps, water softeners and coffee machines require maintenance. With the Field Service solution, you can detect problems before they occur, and deal with them efficiently on location.

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Why do we only use a fraction of Microsoft?

Are we afraid of Microsoft? No, of course not. Then why do we only use a fraction of Microsoft? Seriously, is that right? Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 comes with ‘Teams’, a very simple yet comprehensive video and collaboration tool? Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics comes with a customizable ERP in the cloud? Or that data for your employees could be of much higher quality, thanks to a new ‘Unified Interface’ CRM web platform? You probably didn’t know that.

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