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You are a CEO, Sales & Marketing Director, Category Manager, Field Merchandiser, Field Sales Specialist or Field Promoter. Your working area is typically in Retail and Out of home channels for consumer goods.

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While striving to continuously augment your “Customer Engagement”, you typically encounter the following challenges:

  • How can we accelerate our route to “The Perfect Store” and “Perfect Presence”?
  • Are we spending the right time with the right customer and the right channel?
  • How can we ensure that we always have the right information about the customer and the channel to hand on an ‘ad hoc’ basis?
  • How can we optimise our field resource planning for optimum coverage of the region?
  • How can we create transparency in crucial customer/channel information throughout the organisation whilst at the same time reducing administration?
  • How can we connect better to our customers and save them time?
  • How can we use predictive analyses to make the right choices?

FMCG365 Solution

FMCG365 is based on these industry standards and optimises every role in your organisation to master your daily FMCG activities. Our solution aims to get users out of their office to facilitate maximum deployment in the field. With its seamless interaction between office staff and field sales representatives, FMCG365 offers an integrated solution for optimum customer engagement.


True leadership is only within reach with brand or customer loyalty. To build this, you need a plan with clear objectives. Avento helps you devise and implement this. The FMCG365 platform makes it easy for you to check how everything is running and gives you insights and data to improve campaigns.


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How do you mess up a store visit? And how do you make it a success?
How do you mess up a store visit? And how do you make it a success?

The best way to mess up a store visit is undoubtedly to forget the name of your contact. Not knowing the product range or the planogram come in second and third. You’re working blind, you can’t even install a display. Even worse: you’re about as useful as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest and it takes a lot of time to recover from such a bad impression.

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No fear of thirst this summer!
No fear of thirst this summer!

Will we experience a bone-dry summer this year? Or one that will leave enough room for a cup of coffee? Either way, it’s no problem. That refreshing cocktail or hot coffee is always within reach thanks to FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution. Mostly within reach of field managers, marketeers and – of course – CEOs. 😉

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Boxing in a round ring: 4 reasons why you should do that with FMCG365
Boxing in a round ring: 4 reasons why you should do that with FMCG365

Tournée Minérale is a fixture. As is FMCG365 in the food and beverages industry. They’re even partners in crime: a marketing challenge such as an alcohol-free month is an ideal test for Avento’s mobile CRM solution. In this blog, we’ll highlight the four most important reasons as to why that is the case. But boxing in a round ring? We’ll explain that first.

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