Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service & Resource Optimization

Create a seamless, complete service experience with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. The built-in intelligence allows you to solve service problems before they arise, to reduce operating costs and deliver positive experiences on site.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology chart

Optimised planning

  • Get the right resources in the right place at the right time.
  • Optimise your management for the field sales team. Schedule people and equipment with flexible planning options for workflows for both customer service staff and telephone agents, including precise appointment scheduling.

Contract management

  • Make sure that it becomes easier to correctly manage and maintain service contracts and installed products for both your customers and sites with management software for the field sales team.
  • A better understanding of contract information accelerates your invoicing process and makes it more accurate whilst enabling you to help your field sales team identify new sales possibilities.

Stock control

  • Have the right resources for every job.
  • Manage stock updates and history at all your sites, including warehouses, repositories and trucks. Real-time updates ensure that your inventory is always up-to-date, enabling you to keep better track of your service stock, resulting in fewer write-offs and better forecasts.

Mobile productivity

  • Improve your technicians’ field processes and productivity.
  • Provide native mobile apps with real-time and offline data. Whatever device data your technicians use, they can view customer information and access support at any time.

Connected field sales team

  • Lower costs because your technicians only need to connect when it is really necessary.
  • Detect and resolve problems remotely with devices connected to the Internet of Things. Identify problems before customers are even aware of them, and resolve them remotely.

Customer communication

  • Make your customers the focus of every interaction.
  • Deliver a complete, customer-focused experience. Dynamics 365 enables companies’ field sales teams to keep customers up-to-date, communicate more easily and ensure positive interactions in every step of the service chain

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