In our blogs, we cover almost any subject. We follow several tracks: we start with concrete problems and show you how FMCG365, Textile365 and Industry365 can solve them. Or we illustrate a function of one of our solutions in great detail, using different examples. Sometimes, an event or occasion leads to a fun ad hoc article.

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Follow us during events, conferences and expositions but also when we’re doing something fun. Webinars, Digital First, our Fearless Family Day, our own FMCG365 event… Avento knows how to stand out and make itself heard. And we don’t even have to show of our muscles. Here, you’ll also find upcoming events and registration modules.

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White paper

In our white papers, we describe problems, solutions and useful tips & tricks that apply to our customers’ business. Whether you’re a CEO, category manager, director, marketing director, field sales manager, planner or analyst, you’ll always learn something.

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