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Digitalizing & the cloud: book your flight with Microsoft

The first real steps towards digitalization were probably Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the well-known tools from the first versions of Microsoft Office. We’re 30 years later now and Office has become such a commodity that PowerPoint – just like Pampers and Coca Cola – is considered to be a noun and so not so much a brand anymore. Everyone has taken this first step.

Buying mobile CRM: Are you the trapped mammoth or the hunter?

So, you think installing mobile CRM will give you a head start on your competition? Carefully choosing a package, installing it, training people and done. But then, it doesn’t appear to be all that easy. You start to feel like you’re doing it all wrong. You might even start to identify with the good-hearted and oblivious mammoth who is about to take a wrong step and get himself irrevocably stuck.

CRM Requirements for FMCG

This white paper describes the key FMCG-challenges in setting up the leading commercial strategy and delivering a powerful execution. Based on these challenges, this white paper highlights the key requirements of a strong CRM.