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A round of applause for the Avento Corona Webinars

Providing efficient support to keep working efficiently.

Sometimes Corona can have positive side effects. Work differently, more collaboration, gain efficiency. In fact, it was quite logic that the free webinars of Avento attracted a lot of attendees. During 5 online sessions several relevant aspects of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 were clarified by an experienced ‘field coach’.

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Find, plan & report all your… cocktails


Discovered: New day in the week!

Have we got a staggering number for you! According to almost 70% of questioned sales, CRM and marketing managers, bad planning results in 5 to 10 hours of lost time per work week for field workers.
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Another noteworthy attendance at Horeca Expo

November 18th – 22nd 2018

A good atmosphere, that’s what you could find in Hall 6 at Avento’s exhibiton stand during Horeca Expo. And these videos can prove it, in case that’s necessary. Because by now, you already expect this from us. And perhaps you were there, just like Carolus, Duvel, Westmalle and many others!
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How to create the perfect Point of Sale

Due to the success of the FMCG365 webinars, we plan extra sessions in September 2018.

During this webinar you will learn how to create the perfect Point of Sale in Retail and OOH by means of the Avento FMCG365 solution.

This webinar includes a 30-minute demonstration, followed by a question-and-answer session.
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How to make the perfect field force planning with FMCG 365

Can your field reps reduce travel time in their planning?
Do they have an integrated GPS in their agenda?
Can they quickly plan visits with priorities, with running actions, with to do’s and with overdues?
How do they handle opening times?
Can they record ideal plannings from the past and then quickly re-schedule them? Or do you plan your team centrally with a schedule board? Do you optimize their travel time? Can you set dynamic visit durations?
Can you easily adjust and maintain the planning of your team?
Do you have actual insight where your field reps currently are?
What visits did they just executed? And where are they heading to next?
Do you manage the territories they each cover? Can you quickly adjust?
Can you calculate the individual workload including travel time?
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How to create the perfect point of sales with FMCG 365

Do you have your complete assortment available in the point of sales?
Do you reach the number of facings on the correct shelves?
Are your products listed on top of the menu?
Are your POS materials well displayed?
Can you quickly measure the Share Of Shelves you receive?
How are your key competitor products presented?
Can you discuss and prepare your running sales actions with your customer?
Can you quickly take orders and transfer them?
Can you take pictures? Can you video record interesting ideas?
Can you turn speech into written notes?
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Fearless planning in summer with A.I.


Our “Fearless Planning in summer with A.I.” FMCG365 event was quite a hit and… ‘a bit different’. We presented our IT solutions to 30 decision-makers (the field sales and marketing managers of Alken-Maes, D-Drinks, Henkel, United Softdrinks and Philips Lighting), albeit with a twist. The venue at Microsoft in Zaventem had a distinctly summer feel to it, with Hawaiian leis, sunglasses and suntan lotion for everyone as well as a large Gouden Carolus sun umbrella in the centre of the room.

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Horeca Expo

Flanders Expo Gent

Despite not being the obvious thing for a company such as Avento to do, we felt perfectly at home at our spot at HorecaExpo 2017. From 19 to 23 November, Avento took part in the Gent trade fair, not for the visitors, but for the exhibitors.

‘We were a bit of a fish out of water. This type of activity is very unusual for an IT company. At our stand, however, we were able to welcome interested parties, such as decision-makers from other exhibitors, in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We provided demonstrations of our solutions on tablets and TV screens’, explains Steven Joris, Sales and Development Manager. ‘It was certainly very useful because a strong CRM for field-actions is still very much an abstract concept for many professionals.’

Fearless Family Day

Circuit Zolder

This year, Avento is breaking new ground and celebrated this with a family day at Circuit Zolder during the event of the year, the Nascar Finals and Belcar Race. A glimpse was given of Avento’s new future plans and new house style but the point of the day was being together and socialising.

There was a huge amount to experience: a tour behind the scenes, a grid walk, karting, a photo shoot and much more.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this an unforgettable day!

Digital First

Tour & Taxis – Brussel

Digital First is well-known for shining the spotlight on the latest technologies, market developments and trends. Digital First shows you how the digital revolution will change companies, the public sector and consumers.

Fearless field test

Avento is also part of this digital transformation. Come along and find out how field-proof your company really is by taking Avento’s Fearless Field Test. The test looks at what your field sales representatives can do while they are on the road – can they view their files, access the Internet, generate reports with that day’s results etc.? In short, the test shows whether your business is future-proof.

Keynote speaker

Tom Moortgat (Managing Director) is a keynote speaker and will outline Avento’s digital solutions for supporting and tracking your field sales team, but will also look at other topics such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Social.