A round of applause for the Avento Corona Webinars

Providing efficient support to keep working efficiently.

Sometimes Corona can have positive side effects. Work differently, more collaboration, gain efficiency. In fact, it was quite logic that the free webinars of Avento attracted a lot of attendees. During 5 online sessions several relevant aspects of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 were clarified by an experienced ‘field coach’.

A round of applause for the Avento Corona Webinars

Practical tips

“The subscriptions flew in; every webinar was fully booked. The feedback of the participants was very positive.” says  Managing Director Tom Moortgat of Avento. Any sequel in the pipeline regarding these free webinars? “Who knows, but this was really meant to be a one off taking into account the extraordinary conditions. Being a key Microsoft partner towards SMB’s, we considered this as our duty.” says Tom.

“I need to compliment our field coaches because of their approachable fashion of providing practical tips. We brought our baseline ‘Fearless leading in the field’ into practice and made it approachable for everyone.” says initiator Ann Vandingenen, Managing Partner at Avento.

Below, you find the program that Avento prepared for their SMB-customers:

  • With Microsoft Teams Planner towards a streamlined hybrid organization: Tele- and Office Work (19/5 en  25/5)
  • Organizing and managing Events with Microsoft Teams (26/5 en 29/5)
  • Record, subtitle and safely manage training in Microsoft Cloud (2/6 en  5/6)
  • Bring your business to Microsoft Azure Cloud,  safely under lock and key (9/6 en 12/6)
  • In Microsoft Teams work with the Team Admin Center (16/6 en 19/6)

Interesting? Avento, a valued strategic partner of Microsoft and Resco, can off much more.  Avento is a specialized IT-service provider that supports SMB’s in their digitization journey and their migration to the cloud.  Avento’s mobile CRM solution is being valued by FMCG/CPG-players such as Coca Cola, Mentos, Duvel Moortgat, active in more than 40 countries and supporting over 500 brands.

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