Fearless planning in summer with A.I.


Our “Fearless Planning in summer with A.I.” FMCG365 event was quite a hit and… ‘a bit different’. We presented our IT solutions to 30 decision-makers (the field sales and marketing managers of Alken-Maes, D-Drinks, Henkel, United Softdrinks and Philips Lighting), albeit with a twist. The venue at Microsoft in Zaventem had a distinctly summer feel to it, with Hawaiian leis, sunglasses and suntan lotion for everyone as well as a large Gouden Carolus sun umbrella in the centre of the room.

That evening, our message was equally distinctive but less upbeat. According to our own anonymous survey among FMCG professionals, there is still plenty of work to be done. Half of the respondents spend more than three days a month planning and replanning their field force. Most of the respondents also underestimate the impact of sunny days on consumer demand for soft drinks.

Needless to say we had the undivided attention of the participants in Avento’s FMCG365 with these conclusions. Our solution is based on industry standards, optimising each role in your organisation. No wonder the participants were so interested in our demos.

We discussed the assets of the Weather Sales Actions Generator (the key element for coordinating successful sales promotions), the Resource Schedule Automation, the Territory Workload Calculator (divides the duties among your field teams in the most efficient way possible) and the Share of Shelf Calculator (a super handy tool with photo and app).

We hope your summer is a huge success!