Digital First

Tour & Taxis – Brussel

Digital First is well-known for shining the spotlight on the latest technologies, market developments and trends. Digital First shows you how the digital revolution will change companies, the public sector and consumers.

Fearless field test

Avento is also part of this digital transformation. Come along and find out how field-proof your company really is by taking Avento’s Fearless Field Test. The test looks at what your field sales representatives can do while they are on the road – can they view their files, access the Internet, generate reports with that day’s results etc.? In short, the test shows whether your business is future-proof.

Keynote speaker

Tom Moortgat (Managing Director) is a keynote speaker and will outline Avento’s digital solutions for supporting and tracking your field sales team, but will also look at other topics such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Social.

Digital First