Open academy

Avento has an Open Academy, where you can find all our trainings and Vtorials. Our technology is user-friendly and with just 3 clicks, you can execute any action. The user interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the foundation of our mobile CRM systems, focusses on user-friendliness, efficiency, cooperation, flexibility and corporate insight. However, it’s still useful to be acquainted with all functionalities, even the more sophisticated ones. Fearless leading in the field goes quicker with easy learning. As such, Avento has provided learning facilities for FMCG365, Textile365 and Industry365 that accommodate your every need. At the center are our Vtorials, which give you a practical tip in about 2 minutes.


Training is a crucial way of helping the user successfully apply the solution.



Field sales representatives need to learn new skills “on demand” at any time of the day, wherever they are. A series of practical videos guide you through typical user questions.


Customized Vtorials

Do you want to explain how to get to grips with the tool to all your staff at once? Or do you want to have a customised Vtorial available in case your staff lose track of the central thread? If so, our customised video instructions are what you need.

Customized Vtorials