How to make the perfect field force planning with FMCG 365

Can your field reps reduce travel time in their planning?
Do they have an integrated GPS in their agenda?
Can they quickly plan visits with priorities, with running actions, with to do’s and with overdues?
How do they handle opening times?
Can they record ideal plannings from the past and then quickly re-schedule them? Or do you plan your team centrally with a schedule board? Do you optimize their travel time? Can you set dynamic visit durations?
Can you easily adjust and maintain the planning of your team?
Do you have actual insight where your field reps currently are?
What visits did they just executed? And where are they heading to next?
Do you manage the territories they each cover? Can you quickly adjust?
Can you calculate the individual workload including travel time?

How to make the perfect field force planning with FMCG 365

Thursday july 5th – 16u30

In this 30′ webinar we demonstrate the various planning techniques we offer in FMCG 365, from self planning by the field force in the FMCG 365 mobile app, to central planning of the team in the FMCG 365 schedule board, the territory manager, and the work load calculator.

We end the webinar with Q&A.

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