No fear of thirst this summer!

Will we experience a bone-dry summer this year? Or one that will leave enough room for a cup of coffee? Either way, it’s no problem. That refreshing cocktail or hot coffee is always within reach thanks to FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution. Mostly within reach of field managers, marketeers and – of course – CEOs. 😉

No fear of thirst this summer!

But only if these people also take part in our yearly summer event:

Find, plan & report all your… cocktails

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? A Bumping on the Beach, Tito Mohito or an Agrum Bum Bum? Find your way to all that good stuff on Thursday 23 May from 14h till 17h at our Greenhouse on Campus Mechelen Noord (Schaliënhoevedreef 20T).

No fear, no intoxication 

But this tasting does require some planning and knowledge of the assortment or else… it will go terribly wrong! That’s why we’ll rely on FMCG365. During the event, we’ll highlight its planning facilities, its user-friendly interface and its reporting system.

Did you know that you can make an appointment with just one click? Even more so, it will be given its rightful place in a sequence of appointments that considers your route and preferences. And did you know that FMCG365 is equipped with advanced filters to extract relevant brands from a huge assortment? That you can generate a set of reports for even better actions (PowerBI) with one simple click?

You get the message: you’ll learn some new stuff on May 23. Sign up now for this event because entries are limited, and success is very probable. You do remember last year’s event, right?

Cheers, we’ll see you then!