Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Modern-day customers are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives you a better understanding of customer requirements, enables you to establish relations more effectively and to close more deals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology chart

Insights you can use

  • Understand the behaviour, trends and potential value of your customers. Know your customers better than they know themselves.
  • Create high-quality leads and use social media to identify buying signals and react to them.
  • Use customer intelligence to make personal and effective contact with your customers.
  • Gain insights from e-mail correspondence with your customers and know which contacts give you the best chance of success.
  • Build up trust with your customer and use relevant product recommendations to increase the chances that they will buy.
  • Accelerate sales using predictive intelligence to identify potential customers.
  • Know which steps to take next to close the deal more quickly with process automation and a guided sales process.
  • Meet your targets by setting goals, monitoring results and giving feedback and coaching in real time.

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