Boxing in a round ring: 4 reasons why you should do that with FMCG365

Tournée Minérale is a fixture. As is FMCG365 in the food and beverages industry. They’re even partners in crime: a marketing challenge such as an alcohol-free month is an ideal test for Avento’s mobile CRM solution. In this blog, we’ll highlight the four most important reasons as to why that is the case. But boxing in a round ring? We’ll explain that first.

Boxing in a round ring: 4 reasons why you should do that with FMCG365

Tournée Minérale creates a “different kind of February”

Tournée Minérale is huge. More than 120,000 people are participating and 9 out of 10 participants say they experience some of the many advantages of living “sober”: more energy, better sleep, … The mantra is everywhere. People are also changing their consumer behavior with recipes for mocktails, nojito’s and other creative adjustments without alcohol. When the second mediatized edition started in 2018 – this is when the Druglijn and Stichting tegen Kanker decided to collaborate on the project – bars and restaurants had already created a more elaborate and alternative drink menu.

As such, February has become “a different kind of month”, the gamefield has changed. The competition that you know well in normal circumstances, because you study them, might just surprise you. You’re now boxing in a round ring – without any corners – where your opponent can strike from every angle.

4 reasons why FMCG365 is also huge

Many important players in fast-moving consumer goods use FMCG365 every day. In a special month like Tournée Minérale – or during other events, top topicals, upcoming trends, … – they undoubtedly appreciate the following characteristics:

  1. No extra workload

Responding to new events or checking your competition’s behavior hardly requires any work of your field workers. Collecting data was never easier, which makes working a joy. The ‘store check’ facilities in FMCG365 make every shop visit efficient and productive. You can get vital data on ‘facings’, ‘rotations’, ‘out of stock’ and ‘price’ on any device – tablet, smartphone or ultrabook – through only a few actions.

  1. Real time speed

The collected data is synchronized in the back-office. FMCG365 works anywhere anytime thanks to Resco.Net’s technology. No connection to the internet? Then all data can be edited in a local partial copy (by multiple people and without any loss of data thanks to the multi-access). Want to boost your sales by focusing on the sale of a few specific SKU’s? Create an arrangement, select the clients that need to be visited and your field manager can do exactly what is required.

  1. Real time intelligence

Following up on actions is very simple in FMCG365. The management receives an instant helicopter view of the situation via dashboards. Consequently, they can easily adjust actions.

  1. Equipped with the right tools

FMCG365’s Shelf Calculator is a great example of an instrument that will help you respond to changing circumstances. You take a picture and with an app, you highlight the parts or shelves that need to be measured. The app will then calculate the share of shelf and the number of facings. FMCG365 also allows you to collect ‘qualitative’ or even subjective data. As a Sales Manager, Trade Marketeer or Category Manager, you can create standardized questionnaires and receive structured results by setting up a Survey action.

Obviously, there are many other reasons that explain the success of FMCG365. But first, let’s keep it alcohol free until February 28. Then, the next hype can start, and you will be well-armed and ready for battle thanks to FMCG365.