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Fearless brewing

“I help to sell beer, love beer and also brew beer. Exceptional beer!”    

From marketing a brewery to a specialised app and now onto the hop boiler – that is the route that Steven De Backer, product manager of Avento Fearless Leader, has taken. “I have a professional background in marketing beer and, for the past few years, have been actively involved in the ongoing improvement of Avento Fearless Leader, the CRM package that is popular with many of the well-known breweries. So, I thought, let’s try it out in practice and make an excellent beer. After all, brewers will always tell you that their beer is different, better… So, I thought, why not brew a special beer of my own?”

A beer enthusiast to the core – follow Steven’s brewing adventure here.

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Champagne Laurent-Perrier kits out representatives with Avento Fearless Leader

It’s a new milestone for Fearless Leader, the specialised app from Avento for mobile CRM. Laurent-Perrier, one of the most famous champagne brands in the world, is to issue its field workers with Fearless Leader. The app is already used enthusiastically at home and abroad for field sales and field service management in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Read more >

There is an experienced pollster in every field worker

In fact, there is an experienced pollster in Fearless Leader. Sometimes, a field worker is expected to go the extra mile and asked to record qualitative, detailed information instead of just figures and orders. For example, when there are seasonal changes, a rival is running a promotion, the hospitality industry is opening up again… How large is the terrace’s surface area? Are there parasols? It is then of vital importance that the field workers – ALL field workers –  are provided with the same set of questions for gathering data. Read more >

Adding products to an assortment: Fearless Leader makes it easier than ever

A not to be underestimated task in CRM is keeping the assortment for each sales point up-to-date. In essence, this is not a complex task, however, small variances in the range can create an extra workload in practice. For example: bottles of Gouden Carolus in store A as usual, the same fantastic product in the context of a promotion in store B, and in store C it is the focus point for a store check. Read more >

4 reasons why Fearless Leader keeps your people on track and motivated

Setting objectives and targets doesn’t take too much effort. The major returns lie in keeping your people motivated and monitoring them closely. And with Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG application from Avento, that’s no trouble at all. The app keeps its finger on the pulse on a daily basis and ensures that everyone is sticking to the path that you have outlined.

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Marketing with Fearless Leader: A lot of ‘Action’ but very little ‘Cut’

You’ve seen it many times, the clapper-board used during filming and the director who shouts ‘Action’ before every take. And who also interrupts filming at the drop of a hat with instructions or to correct an actor who has forgotten his lines… With Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG application from Avento, you will see a full-length feature film, without interruptions, and full of marketing action. Fearless Leader is a smart, supple director that will coach your field workers to provide a sleek and flawless performance.

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101 ways to input orders with Avento Fearless Leader

You are sure to have heard of them. The 101 dalmatians; all really cute and indistinguishable from one another. That’s the same with Avento Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG app from Avento. It is easily accessed, friendly to use and can lead to concrete results in a whole range of ways. Such as the efficient, rapid and accurate input of orders, the subject of this blog. Your field workers have various options for inputting these accurately into your ERP package.

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Unplanned data maintenance and storage costs

Recognize these symptoms?

User-complaints regarding a slow CRM and related reporting system?
Difficulties to find the right data?
Incomplete, low quality and double data?
Long report refresh time, or worse, not receiving reports at all? Read more >