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Around the world with FMCG365

Where shall we go? – Wohin geht die Reise? – Dove ti porta il viaggio?
This old game doesn’t even suffice for our comparison as it is limited to Europe alone. We’d better use Risk, with its world map and gradual conquests. Avento has conquered many continents with its CRM apps, FMCG365, Industry365 and Textile365. As such, we have completed 4 out of 6 possible challenges in Risk.

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Time with targeted customers = more money

The quote “Time is money” is attributed to 18th century American scientist Benjamin Franklin, the first man to describe electricity. That was a long time ago. These days, the title of this article is every bit as true. Time spent with clients with the greatest potential equals considerably higher profits. With these words, we have elegantly introduced the dilemma of Customer Relations Management (CRM). There are too many potentially interesting clients and not enough people to serve them all quickly and well.

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A field worker starts his day and takes with him: a tape measure (2m)

A field worker starts his day and takes with him: directions and a road map, a clipboard, a pen and a tape measure (Stanley or another brand, 2 meters is enough). Before the smartphone, this wouldn’t sound so outdated. You can even see them today: representatives with a clipboard between the shop racks. Making notes. But when they’re counting SKUs or get out their tape measure, they avoid being watched. They might not be aware of the fact that they look a bit like walking anachronisms.

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Avento gets three footholds in France

Avento is successfully playing the French market. The specialist in mobile customer relationship management (CRM) and digital transformation is getting more than one foothold. Three French companies – two multinationals in paint and wine and one national player in the agricultural business – are collaborating with Avento to support their representatives and field workers with our mobile CRM app FMCG365. This news also reached Made in Mechelen.

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Avento goes out for a day of ‘Fearless leading in the trees’

You know us as ‘Fearless leading in the field’ thanks to our mobile CRM solutions. However, during our teambuilding on June 20, we were ‘fearless leading in the trees’. Why? Because we got to test the brand-new ‘Cycling through the trees’ experience in Hechtel-Eksel. Surely, you’ve heard of it. It’s the second biggest cycling attraction in Limburg, right after the world-famous ‘Cycling through water’. And we must say, it was a lot of fun! The same can be said for the dinner we had afterwards since the fresh smell of pines had given us quite an appetite!

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Win an extra day per week! Comes free with the purchase of FMCG365

What if the Gross National Product of our country would rise with 20% in one month? What if the Red Devils would score 20% more goals? What if Victor Campenaerts would ride his next record 20% faster? What if you could erase or add kilograms and centimeters yourself? A Landslide. A Metamorphosis. An Incredible Stunt. We’d fall short of capitals and exclamation marks.

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Avento features on Kanaal Z with Charlier-Brabo Group

Just wanted to tell you that we were on TV, something we’re quite proud of. In the clip below, our General Manager Bart Vangramberen explains on Kanaal Z how Charlier-Brabo Group (CBG) is digitalizing with Avento and how they’re taking the step form midsize to large SME.

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FMCG365 Event – 2019

Discovered: New day in the week!

“According to almost 70% of questioned sales, CRM and marketing managers, bad planning results in 5 to 10 hours of lost time per work week for field workers. These results emerged from a questionnaire we gave our key players during our FMCG365 event. Loss of time due to inefficient planning mounts up to a whole day of work per 40-hour-work week,” says Tom Moortgat, CEO of Avento.

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Spontaneous words of our customers: we just collected them!

There’s no stronger argument than the praise of our happy customers. Okay, we’ll admit it. We’ve collected these words ourselves. And we don’t have that much competition for our solutions, customers bring on other customers. That’s true. On top of that, there’s a lot of progression to be made in the field of CRM, starting with mobile CRM. You are completely right. Quick wins, you might think. However, read on because these testimonials will give you a good idea of what we can do.

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FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution, already has a lot of muscles. You can regularly read about it in our blogs. Now, we can beef up those blogs with the following features: easy to customize, even better conflict management between users, improved navigation, efficient screen usage and faster synchronization that can take on large volumes of data.

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