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“Nothing works here without the FMCG365 ‘Store Check’!”

Watch the video clip to see for yourself. A whole host of clients are now fans of Avento’s FMCG365 solution. The ‘Store Check’ is particularly useful for sales representatives who visit retail outlets and have to perform a series of checks: price, promotions, stock, shelf space, etc.

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Zero code, many benefits

Zero code – the recent buzzword in the world of IT – is not just hype. It is the next big thing that will be around for a while to come. But what exactly is zero code? In short, these are software applications that users can customise themselves as they wish with just a few mouse clicks or apps, in other words with no coding work required.

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“Fast-track from hesitation to enthusiasm”

A conversation with Hans Rubens, commercial director of Het Anker brewery, sheds some light on its use in practice, six months after starting to work with Avento FMCG365 based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Het Anker wanted to increase the number of visits by existing customers and to find leads in a more targeted way. Here are a few of the most striking statements:

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‘Perfect Insights’ give your results a real boost

There is a lot going on in the retail landscape. In a previous post, we talked about the ‘Perfect Store’ that is structured to have maximum impact on buying behaviour by means of a sophisticated presentation: the perfect fit of product range and target group. Modern field CRM systems can generate the information to make that a reality. The smart marketing professional will find a wealth of valuable information.

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Perfect Store

A new year is the perfect time to stop and look at a new development in the retail landscape: the ‘Perfect Store’.  This retail concept enables suppliers and retail operators to anticipate the customers’ wishes and experience as best possible.

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