What if everyone only ate white chocolate?

Yes, what if… It would have a major impact. According to Wikipedia, Belgians eat an impressive 8.7 kilograms every year or 3 bars per week. In the Netherlands, this mounts up to a respectable 4.7 kilograms. A limitation to white chocolate would create a gigantic organizational puzzle for the sector. Or what if we would start drinking 9 cups of coffee per day instead of 3? Such giant fluctuations in usage are very rare.

What if everyone only ate white chocolate?

But chocolatiers and coffee companies sometimes do have employees who get sick. Or big clients that come or go. And what happens during a merge, a takeover or a small reorganization? Who makes sure we get our dark chocolate and our 3 cups of comfort per day?

Field Force

And now we come to your job as Category Manager or Marketing & Sales Manager… Whatever your title is, steering a field force is quite a job. Finetuning the workload is often a never-ending story. Not every week is equally great, even though your employees are motivated and focused. Avento’s CRM app FMCG365 has an unbeatable team to cover this: the Resource Schedule Automation and the Territory Workload Calculator.

What if… Someone suddenly becomes unavailable? Or someone is overbooked?

Resource Schedule Automation in FMCG365 shows who is where and who is on holiday or sick leave. Furthermore, the planning of your resources is automatically changed, based on to dos, availability, skill set and other parameters. Do you want to redistribute tasks yourself? That’s also easily done!

What if… More stores are added to the list? A reorganization is necessary? Team areas need to be redistributed?

The Territory Workload Calculator in FMCG365 calculates your field team’s workload, considering travelling time, distance, duration of a job, … It allows for easy changes to the workload in a graphic manner. Adjust the borders of an area and you’ll immediately see the impact this has on your field workers’ workload.

Real Field Force

Both functions can be combined to make optimal use of present capacity. But in an ending story, even an instant story if you let the intelligence do its work. Are ad hoc adjustments required – since there are an infinite amount of ‘what if’ situations? Then you immediately see the impact when changing a parameter. This way, you can quickly choose the best solution. Not even the smartest person in your company can do that. Finetuning never was so much fun!

What if… Avento could help you with this? Be sure to contact us.