Digitalizing & cloud: Book your flight with Microsoft

What was part of the first real digitalization for entrepreneurs? Probably Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the much-used tools in the first versions of Microsoft’s Office. Everyone has made that first step. But what about the next steps?

Today, digitizing also means migrating to the cloud. But how do you take that double leap as an enterprise with paper administration: a leap towards being digital and in the cloud? And does good old Microsoft still play a role in this digitizing wave?

Digitalizing & cloud: Book your flight with Microsoft

Good old?

Indeed, a question mark. Because we often forget how much Microsoft has in store. Only 5 years after its launch in 2011, Office 365 was the most-used cloud service for companies. Of all enterprises with more than 100 employees, 79% had installed OneDrive – a tool to save, open and find personal and shared work documents in Office 365 on all your devices. That was 35% for SharePoint – a mobile, intelligent and easy to customize intranet.

Still a few steppingstones

Office 365 is the first steppingstone towards full digitalization. Then you can connect to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Already 10 million users worldwide are working effortlessly with Business Central’s completely cloud based ERP software for their accountancy and finance, sales and marketing, production and logistics.

On an even higher level, there’s the Microsoft Dynamics 365 landscape with tools for specific areas and an important segment dedicated to customer engagement: sales optimization, marketing, field service and customer service…

One-stop shop with huge benefits

And we’re not even at the end of our series. Curious to know where this high flight is going? We can already conclude that the Microsoft landscape is a one-stop shop with the huge benefits of mutual compatibility and large scalability.

You can read all about it in our newest white paper. Download it here.