What if… managers could admit they can’t plan

The first step is always the hardest. Admitting you need rest, admitting your partner was right, realizing you can’t go on like this…

The first step was also hard on 40 CEOs and marketing managers of big companies in fast-moving consumer goods. We already welcomed 20 big shots at our annual FMCG365 event last year. And we did it again this year. Because they want to improve their planning and reporting. Or better said: because they admit the planning of their field activities and the reporting can improve.

What if… managers could admit they can’t plan

Unbelievable growth potential

Are we digging up old skeletons? The accuracy of planning remains kind of a blind spot so Avento will continue to repeat the message.

During both events, half of the attendees had no clue whether or not their planning was efficient. The reporting of field activities and the rearranging of the planning could sometimes take up to 3 days. Even for the biggest FMCG players.

What if…

Now imagine what you could win with targeted client visits to a segmented target audience and almost fully automatic reporting. Imagine how you could upsell with a clear focus. And how mistakes could be avoided. During our events, we highlighted how the FMCG365 app can help you with its planning facilities and user-friendly reporting.

Power BI = knowledge = results

Did our participants know they could schedule an appointment with just one click? Even more than just schedule. It comes in on the right spot in an order, considering the route and previously installed preferences. Did they know that FMCG365 is equipped with advanced filters to easily pick out brands from a large assortment? Did they know that with one click, you can generate reports with added insights for better actions, thanks to Power BI? Did they know Power BI transforms their data into rich analyses and clear visual reports? They do now.

They also know

Charlie-Brabo Group and brewery Het Anker, amongst others, have tapped into the growth potential of their commercial operations with FMCG365.

General manager Bart Vangramberen of Charlie-Brabo Group recently said on Kanaal Z: “The CRM system allows us to use our sales force in the field more efficiently. There are about 3,000 stores. The CRM system determines where the potential lies and where we can actively contribute via the optimization of our offer.”

Hans Rubens of brewery Het Anker said in a video testimonial: “Thanks to the FMCG solution, we can pay our existing clients more visits and we can prospect more efficiently for new clients. Put those two together and we have more insights into our business and a better service for our customers.”