The road to success is paved with precise targets

This playful paraphrase of ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ is less noncommittal than you might think. A mistake of one minute when determining your GPS location and you’re one town too far; the same amount of chili instead of sugar in your recipe and everybody will be running towards the tap…

Wrong assumptions and faulty targets in sales and marketing lead to ‘collateral damage’ – unwanted damaging effects. Your people get discouraged or wrongly overconfident. And that’s how you lose the battle.

The road to success is paved with precise targets

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI generates transparent reports with information about prospects, clients, related actions, introductions, assortment opportunities etc. Furthermore, it creates reports based on up-to-date sales information and relevant targets.

With Power BI, every modern CRM system can:

  • Autonomously anticipate strategic priorities, set by the management
  • Autonomously map the potential per client, based on a certain strategy
  • Autonomously update this potential per client, taking into account financial figures, product & service data, confidential data and interpersonal nuances
  • Autonomously suggest necessary actions to your field workers and organize the follow-up of these actions to maximally exploit the potential

You won’t use chili when sugar is needed. The extra advantage? The entire kitchen – which means, all your colleagues – thinks the same and as such, this unsavory mistake is completely out of the question.

With Avento’s CRM app FMCG365, you can enter all data on the spot. Thanks to flawless offline synchronization, this data is immediately available to the back-office. As a result, actions can be monitored and changed quickly.

We can refer to countless references, like Elisabeth Holtrust of United Softdrinks Belgium: “The results speak for themselves: since the implementation of Avento’s CRM, the average stock of AA Drinks in het assortment of sports clubs has risen from 42% to 62%.”

Targets inspire

An additional advantage of a quantified and powerful CRM is that you can add a serious amount of ‘gamification’: game elements that can steer behavior in a certain direction. Gamification is on the rise in CRM and it is expected to keep gaining ground in the future.

Targets and other data can be shared in FMCG365. This way, colleagues can hold ‘competitions’. By gaining points when he/she processes leads, closes a sales deal, … a field worker can measure his or her progress, based on a benchmark or average. You can work with a scoreboard for one person, for a department or for the entire company. These can be linked to prizes. The possibilities are endless, but they all result in more fun and more involvement in the use of CRM, whilst also generating more and more data within the company.

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