Buy two Coronas, get one Mort Subite free

That was the slogan of a Delhaize Shop & Go in Brussels, promising a free “Sudden Death” beer for every two Corona beers bought! ‘The customers thought it was funny’, said the staff, but Delhaize management quickly brought an end to the campaign at the beginning of March. But why bring this story up again?

Buy two Coronas, get one Mort Subite free

Well, corona isn’t just a story. The pandemic lies at the heart of this type of bad-taste promotion. Corona has led to lock-down, both local and more extensive, and cannot be predicted. It disrupts consumption patterns too; more wine at home anyone? And interrupts production processes.

Just think about it…

Just spend some time with a field worker from Grupo Modelo, for example, the brewer of Corona beer. In these tricky times, he has to respond to events quicker than ever. Trading quickly means that you can adapt your stock to the new reality and that your brand is always available. This is how you stand out from the competition. In the trickiest situations, the most difficult issues can be resolved.

Partner with the pandemic (?)

The pandemic is an extremely serious issue. It can’t simply be laughed off. But you can turn the challenging market conditions to your advantage. With the mobile CRM app FMCG365 from Avento, you have the best possible instrument at your disposal.

Four reasons to use the FMCG365 during the corona crisis

1. No extra work

It’s very quick and easy for your field workers to capitalise on new events and check your competitors’ behaviour. Gathering data has never been easier; it’s become a pleasant task. The ‘store check’ facilities within FMCG365 make each store visit efficient and productive. On any device – tablet, smartphone or ultrabook – you can capture data on facings, rotations, out-of-stocks, and price with very little effort.

2. Real-time speed

The gathered data is then synchronised in the back office. Thanks to technology from Resco.NET, FMCG365 works any where, any time. If there is no internet connection, data can be manipulated in a local partial copy (and, thanks to multi-access, it can also be accessed by multiple persons without data being lost or overwritten).  Do you want to boost sales by using a couple of specific SKUs? Create a range, indicate which customers need a visit and your field manager can then do whatever is necessary, with utmost precision, at the location itself.

3. Real-time intelligence

Simultaneously, it is incredibly easy to monitor the various promotions in FMCG365. Management receives an instant overview of the situation via dashboards and can then adapt promotions accordingly.

4. Equipped with the right tools

FMCG’s Shelf Calculator is a fantastic instrument for capitalising swiftly on rapidly changing circumstances. Take a photo and use an app to outline the shelves or shelf sections you wish to use. The app then calculates the share-of-shelf and the number of facings required. FMCG365 also enables qualitative and even subjective data to be gathered. By creating a Survey promotion in your capacity as Sales Manager, Trade Marketeer or Category Manager, you can provide a uniform data-gathering survey which provides structured results.

There are, of course, plenty of other reasons why FMCG365 is a success. But we’ll keep it brief. But rest assured that when the ‘next big thing’ takes hold, you will be armed with FMCG365 to take on the challenge.