Top 10 Time Management Tips For Sales Professionals

1. ABS – Always Be Scheduling.
Schedule your tasks and block time to complete them. Also, leave yourself some free time at the end of the day to complete unexpected tasks or to complete tasks that took longer than expected earlier in the day.

2. MITF – Most Important Tasks First.
You are more likely to complete challenging tasks early in the day versus the end of the day when your productivity levels and focus have decreased.

3. Focus On One Thing At A Time.
You will get more done and produce higher quality work.

4. Don’t Confuse Being Busy With Being Productive.
Focus on what makes the greatest impact on your bottom line sales results.

5. Schedule Mini-Breaks.
Block out 15 minutes multiple times per day for a break. Your focus and productivity will increase.

6. Shut Off All Technology Distractions.
Turn off  your phones, IM, chat, and email alerts when you need to focus on a task. This will not always apply, but try it out for certain time blocks and see how much more you get done.

7. Schedule Times To Check Your Email & Voicemail.
This will give you more time in the day to get things done. Remember, you don’t have to be available every minute of the day…In fact, that just will slow you down.

8. Determine Where You Are Wasting Time.
Start tracking any activities daily that you find are wasting your time. Then, eliminate one item at a time.

9. Just Say “No”
Learn to say “No” to requests that get you off-track.

10. Set Deadlines For Yourself.
Give yourself a certain amount of time to complete tasks and your work for the day. With a set stop time, you will be forced to get more done before you reach the finish line.

(Source: Coach with Jeremy)