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Marketing with Fearless Leader: A lot of ‘Action’ but very little ‘Cut’

You’ve seen it many times, the clapper-board used during filming and the director who shouts ‘Action’ before every take. And who also interrupts filming at the drop of a hat with instructions or to correct an actor who has forgotten his lines… With Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG application from Avento, you will see a full-length feature film, without interruptions, and full of marketing action. Fearless Leader is a smart, supple director that will coach your field workers to provide a sleek and flawless performance.

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101 ways to input orders with Avento Fearless Leader

You are sure to have heard of them. The 101 dalmatians; all really cute and indistinguishable from one another. That’s the same with Avento Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG app from Avento. It is easily accessed, friendly to use and can lead to concrete results in a whole range of ways. Such as the efficient, rapid and accurate input of orders, the subject of this blog. Your field workers have various options for inputting these accurately into your ERP package.

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Unplanned data maintenance and storage costs

Recognize these symptoms?

User-complaints regarding a slow CRM and related reporting system?
Difficulties to find the right data?
Incomplete, low quality and double data?
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No escape for your targets with Fearless Leader

Did you use to be fascinated by images of heat-seeking missiles following their targets, or torpedoes that you cannot evade? Well, these capabilities have become commonplace since those black and white films. In marketing, there is similar technology but its potential has not yet been comprehensively exploited.

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Excel is great, but just imagine…

Just imagine for a second that, without much effort, you could gain an overview of how the buyers who tweet about your product are actually feeling. Or create an analysis of the orders that fall outside the usual patterns and could indicate shifts. Microsoft Power BI is not a figment of the imagination; it simply builds predictive models on the basis of available data. Imagine if you tried to do the same thing with Excel… Read more >

Making plans with Fearless Leader: 3 features for a superior result

“The supple planning options and refined route calculations of Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM app from Avento, are really valued by field workers. The app knows what you do and adapts to suit you. Fearless Leader makes work more enjoyable and efficient,” says product manager Steven De Backer about Fearless Leader.

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Avento among top favourites again this year for

After winning the Innovation Award from in 2019, Avento is one of the favourites of the Slovakian giant in mobile digital services once again this year. Avento was among the finalists for the categories ‘Partner of the Year’ and ‘Innovation Award’. “We should be really proud of this. Over 300 partners took part in the conference. Resco may not be a household name but it is a genuine leader and game-changer in mobile CRM,” according to Avento’s CEO Tom Moortgat.

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Integrated Assortment Management: The engine behind efficient marketing

Field workers in the fast moving consumer goods sector are gradually outgrowing Excel files. They are increasingly equipped with Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM-app from Avento. And the engine behind Fearless Leader is gaining a little extra horse-power as the options offered by Fearless Leader for Assortment Management are being expanded. ‘It’s a genuine slam-dunk’, according to Steven De Backer from Avento. ‘That was clear from the positive reactions from leading businesses in the fast moving consumer goods sector who attended Avento’s round table event for Fearless Leader users.’

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