A day in the life of Phoebe – episode 1

Everybody comes into contact with an Avento customer, every hour of every day. With a fast moving consumer good – a well-known brand  – that is placed in the market using the FMCG/CPG-app Fearless Leader from Avento. Field workers from these producers use Fearless Leader for their CRM and XRM. If you want to know which renowned products cross your path every day, follow Phoebe and Vince, a dedicated mother and her young son. 

A day in the life of Phoebe – episode 1

The iPhone goes off: “I’m glad I finished my training sessions with an AA Smart Recovery*”

There’s no snoozing time for Phoebe**. She turns off her alarm clock and thinks: “I slept well but I could have done with another hour. Maybe on Saturday, but not today.” She has to take Vince to school and catch her train. She thinks to herself, “My team enjoyed a Vedett Indian Pale Ale* after badminton last night. I wonder whether they’re as wide awake as I am now”, and she rushes to Vince’s room.

He is not keen to get out of bed, as always. “Come on my darling! We need to get up. Your favourite breakfast is ready: bread with a slice of Vache Bleue* cheese and a few leaves from Florette’s Seasonal Mix*. And you can add the yoghurt dressing yourself.” Vince smiles from ear to ear.

Everything is running like clockwork: Vince is eating at his usual speed, the sun is peeping through the kitchen window, she chooses her outfit for the day without a fuss, and sips her coffee. “One day, I’ll have a La Marzocco* from Limarc in my kitchen so I can make myself a professional cappuccino. I’m sure of it. My boss says…” But then Vince brings her back down to reality: “Mummy! We’ve run out of toilet roll!”

Will Phoebe catch her train at 08.25? You’ll find out next time.

** Phoebe and Vince are fictional characters. Any similarities with existing persons are purely coincidental.
*All these products are genuine and are placed in the market and supported by the FMCG app Fearless Leader, from Avento.