Avento helps Pollet Water Group with CRM built on Microsoft and Resco.Net

The Pollet Water Group is a holding company which offers solutions for water treatment in the industrial, residential and medical sectors in over 15 countries and via almost 30 companies. When choosing a new Customer Relations Management tool, they spent a great deal of time looking for a secure, scalable and efficient solution.  Avento, which has partnered with Microsoft and Resco.Net for many years, is proud to be able to expand the CRM system that Pollet Water Group chose on a permanent basis.

Avento helps Pollet Water Group with CRM built on Microsoft and Resco.Net

“Ultimately, Avento will provide CRM to all of the almost 30 companies within the Pollet Water Group. At the moment, we are working with around 10 companies, adding up to 100 or so users”, explains Sarah De Smedt, a Consultant for Avento.

“We develop customised CRM solutions for all these businesses, using building blocks from Microsoft and then applying a layer from Resco.Net for user-friendliness and offline use. Pollet Water Group can use Microsoft Power BI for insights and analyses and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for ‘visit reporting’ and ‘opportunity handling’. All of the Pollet Water Group employees work on tablets with the interface from Resco.Net.

“Model case”

The job for the Pollet Water Group is a “model case”, according to Lee Yudhira, Operations Manager for Avento. Avento submitted the case for the annual Resco.NEXT conference and it ended up being one of the finalists for the ‘Business Impact of the Year’ award. This is a new award from Resco to focus the spotlight on creators of solutions that fundamentally improve efficiency for their customers and achieve success on the basis of figures and customer satisfaction.

“We have been a finalist in the Resco Awards for the past three years. It shows that we constantly work at a very high level’, says Lee.

Expanding organisation

New people were recruited for this task. At the moment there are five Avento employees involved in this amazing challenge.

“Over the past few months, we have principally been in the picture with our FMCG app Fearless Leader. But it’s important to remember that we support a range of leading, international companies along their digitalisation pathways with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We supply similar services for companies such as Van Marcke and Bekaert Deslee,” adds Lee.