Win an extra day per week! Comes free with the purchase of FMCG365

What if the Gross National Product of our country would rise with 20% in one month? What if the Red Devils would score 20% more goals? What if Victor Campenaerts would ride his next record 20% faster? What if you could erase or add kilograms and centimeters yourself? A Landslide. A Metamorphosis. An Incredible Stunt. We’d fall short of capitals and exclamation marks.

Win an extra day per week! Comes free with the purchase of FMCG365

But what if it would be perfectly possible to win an extra work day in the week? Weekend remains weekend. But you could work 20% more in the same 5 days.

Bad planning, Superbad planning

You’re scratching your head. But that same effect can be provoked by FMCG companies and retail organizations with better schedules.

The results below speak for themselves. They emerged during our yearly FMCG event, where we gave a questionnaire to CEOs and sales and marketing managers from huge companies in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Fasten your seatbelts.

Almost 70% of all respondents (questionnaire of May 2019) answered that 5 to 10 hours are lost in a 40-hour-work week due to bad planning. That number is quite simply staggering. And it shows the huge potential for improvement.

The next slide shows that this potential is still untouched by many (questionnaire of May 2018). Measuring field workers’ work load is still guesswork. A quarter of the respondents didn’t even know how often the work load is measured. Another quarter only does this once a year or once every three months.

If something goes wrong with the schedule, it obviously requires some energy to fix it (questionnaire of May 2018). As it turns out, 33% of the respondents spends more than 3 days per month on changing and enhancing the schedule.

The only way is up

And that also goes for the schedule. FMCG365 is equipped with elaborate planning facilities. Curious yet?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Oh, and read this blog. And to wrap it up, let’s hear from Hans Rubens, commercial manager at Het Anker Brewery: “Thanks to FMCG365, we’re able to pay more of our customers a visit and to look more carefully for new customers. Put those two together and you get a lot more insights in your business. And ultimately, that’s the goal, right? Better service for our customers.”