“Fast-track from hesitation to enthusiasm”

A conversation with Hans Rubens, commercial director of Het Anker brewery, sheds some light on its use in practice, six months after starting to work with Avento FMCG365 based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Het Anker wanted to increase the number of visits by existing customers and to find leads in a more targeted way. Here are a few of the most striking statements:

  • Just six months after implementation, Hans is already noticing an improvement in efficiency among his staff and a more convenient way for them to work, even in the back office. “Ultimately we can help the customer better.”
  • A representative of Het Anker, who provides sales support for the whole of retail in Belgium, was even able to report that the volume of appointments has increased by at least 50% since starting to work with Avento FMCG365.
  • Even now, the solution is being used for other aspects such as reporting of complaints, recording costs (previously done in Excel files), support for promotions, etc. Increasingly, everything is being done from one central database. “We are going to implement other Avento FMCG365 functions.


As always, there were initial reservations at Het Anker. “But we very quickly re-evaluated our attitude – a fast-track from hesitation to enthusiasm,” says Hans.  This was aided by a phased approach, clear explanations and Avento’s support with implementation.

“We chose Avento for their extensive experience in the drinks industry. And because of the efficient applications they offer. We have no hesitation in recommending Avento,” says Hans.