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FMCG365 – Planning tools

Efficient CRM cannot exist without the possibility of swiftly and easily changing work schedules. Because when you manage client relations, you depend on other people’s schedule too. On top of that, an FMCG environment requires specific actions and setups – store checks, sales support, supply management – that allow you to act quickly.

FMCG365 is equipped with very user-friendly planning possibilities. This way, your people can fully invest their time in visits to clients.

FMCG365 is equipped with very user-friendly planning possibilities. This way, your people can fully invest their time in visits to clients.

With FMCG365, you can easily create coherent schedules, starting from different situations, because our planning tools are fully integrated in the back office. This makes FMCG365 unique in its kind. You can start planning in your own agenda, view the result on the route planner and then optimize the route or vice versa. Every appointment is synchronized in real time with your Outlook agenda. This way, your colleagues can easily see when you’re available.

“3 different approaches that result in 3 perfect schedules”

  1. ‘Old style’ improved

Take your agenda, plan your visits with clients and make an estimate of how long the visit will take and how much time you’ll need to get to the next one. After putting the plan into FMCG365, you’ll immediately notice possible gaps and whether or not your estimates were right. FMCG365 will also offer a better alternative.


  1. Put pins on the map

Take a look at the map and find out where your clients are based, thanks to the pins. Select the clients you have to visit and FMCG365 will automatically calculate a route. This way, you know exactly when you’ll be home again. Not satisfied with the proposed route? Then let FMCG365 suggest a better one: the system is equipped with a function to recalculate a route with previously given coordinates.

  1. Urgent clients and dates

You decide which clients – for whatever reasons, such as urgency – you want to visit on a certain day. FMCG365 will plan those visits on that specific day in the most efficient way. When doing this, FMCG365 considers your client’s opening hours and – even more importantly – the availability of your contact.

“Fun possibilities”

Planning can be complex and highly personal. “The planning tools can be used in different ways. But we see that the starting point for field managers remains their own schedule for the day, with their own personal preferences. Certain types of meetings during specific parts of the day, people you’d preferably see in the morning, … That kind of stuff,” says Steven De Backer, product manager FMCG365.

“Taking these personal preferences into consideration, FMCG365 provides some fun possibilities. You can make one or a few regular appointments that FMCG365 cannot change. Then, you select a series of stores, based on specific criteria (proximity, long time since last visit, current actions, …), and FMCG will calculate the optimal schedule for the day and a route. As a consequence, you’ll often gain some time for an extra appointment. That means you’ll spend more time with your client, which might result in more sales. As such, the field manager’s freedom and creativity are not restricted. On the contrary, he or she only gains possibilities.”

Interested? In this Vtorial you learn all about our planning tools. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.