IT… with a dash of summer! Are you keeping up with the latest trends?

Did you attend our FMCG365 event on “Fearless Planning in Summer with A.I.”? Oh no, that’s a real pity. Then let us bring you up to speed on the information we provided to the 30 decision-makers who attended. We served up some IT with a dash of summer. Artificial Intelligence put into practice.

Artificial Intelligence in de praktijk omgezet.

A.I. is hot and a lot of complicated stuff has been written about it. At Avento, we believe in a more practical, hands-on approach. And we think this is vital, as an anonymous survey among our FMCG leaders demonstrated they can manage their field force much more efficiently by measuring the workload, schedules, etc. instead of the usual improvising.

To the point

The attendants were given a demo of the following functionality of Avento’s FMCG365:

  • Weather Sales Actions Generator: adapt your Forecast and plan your Supply Chain based on solid forecasts. This is the cornerstone for the successful coordination of sales promotions.
  • Resource Schedule Automation: automatically establishes resource schedules, based on the activities to be carried out, the availability, the skill set and other parameters.
  • Territory Workload Calculator: calculates the workload of your field teams, taking into account driving times and job duration, allowing you to easily adapt the workload, in a graphic manner.
  • Share of Shelf Calculator: super-handy. Take a photo and outline the shelves or parts of shelves you wish to measure in the app. The app will do the calculations for you of course.

Avento’s FMCG365 is based on the industry standards, optimises every role within your organisations and gets employees out from behind their desks, so they can take action, in the field, in close proximity to the customer. Read more about it in the following blogposts.

Lots of work to be done

The conclusions of the survey show that there is still plenty of work to be done:

  • Half of the respondents spend more than 3 days a month on the scheduling and rescheduling of their field force and the reporting of their field force activities.
  • When asked how they measured their field force’s workload, a quarter of the respondents said they had no clue.
  • 80% of all companies measures its share of shelf manually, by counting…
  • When asked how much consumers are prepared to spend on soft drinks after spending time basking in the sunshine most of the respondents underestimated the impact of warm weather on the price.

Any idea how much more efficient you can become? Perhaps not in the short term, but there is definitely a lot of margin for improvement.  Take the first step and get to know Avento’s FMCG365 here.