Fearless Leader helps brewers in the constant ‘War for Attention’

Name familiarity and a great deal of exposure ensure greater consumption, turnover, growth, etc. Name familiarity is, in essence, life insurance for beer. “It is a constant fight for attention. Both small, emerging breweries and established names use the functionality offered by the CRM-app Fearless Leader to target and dose their efforts as effectively as possible,” explains Steven De Backer, product manager of the successful app.

Fearless Leader helps brewers in the constant ‘War for Attention’

Brewers all use the same ingredients – water, grain, hops and yeast – but each of them tries to make a unique brew. The thirsty consumer must be convinced and the most effective way of doing this is by tasting.

“What makes the beer market special is that field workers visit sales points but also bars and other locations where beer is consumed. They can do all that with one app, Fearless Leader, which enables them to carry out all their tasks. Dozens of brewers use our app and that speaks volumes,” says Steven De Backer. “Our many years of experience in the sector and customisation in fast moving consumer goods means we have become the go-to for the CRM field worker, particularly among brewers.”

Assortment checks & store checks

The diverse range of tasks carried out by the field workers for these breweries includes

  • Taking orders
  • Rolling out actions to support introductions/brands with promotional packages…
  • Supporting promotions with promo-materials such as pavement signs, parasols, bike racks…
  • Analysing performance and distilling insights for the action to be taken
  • Carrying out quality and even subjective surveys
  • Monitoring the competition

“Brewers, both large and small, check the results that they realise in detail on site. To what extent did a particular activity – beer of the month, for example – have an impact? Where have we stayed on the map? This takes into account a range of factors, including the number of draught beers, the presence of certain rivals, and so on.”

“Who are we fighting against? Gouden Carolus?”

“Larger brewers go to great lengths in this. ‘Who are we fighting against? Gouden Carolus, tricky! What can we do to most effectively tackle them?’” Larger brewers also work with sales contracts. So, you see, it is often a complex puzzle. But large or small; it all comes down to gathering the right information which allows you to offer the right promotion or offer at the right place.”

Business Intelligence in a highly dynamic environment

“Many more offers have emerged over the past few years,” says Steven, himself an amateur brewer as followers of Avento will already know. “Small breweries with local beers, experimental brews and so on. You see them as soon as you walk into the larger alcohol retailers. Furthermore, these breweries also have extra products; Brouwerij Wilderen and Het Anker have whiskeys, for example, the Nest brewery has a barley wine, Chimay has cheeses…”