“I’m always on time thanks to our intelligent work schedules and GPS routing contained in the FMCG app Fearles Leader”

A day in the life of Phoebe – Episode 5

Phoebe** is now on her way to her first POS – a small supermarket in the city center. Her task is clear and the instructions for her team are so formulated and communicated with the FMCG app Fearless Leader. Everybody comes into contact with an Avento customer, every hour of every day. With a fast moving consumer good – a well-known brand  – that is placed in the market using the FMCG/CPG-app Fearless Leader from Avento. Field workers from these producers use Fearless Leader for their CRM and XRM. If you want to know which renowned products cross your path every day, follow Phoebe and Vince, a dedicated mother and her young son.

“I’m always on time thanks to our intelligent work schedules and GPS routing contained in the FMCG app Fearles Leader”

“It’s astonishing how good merchandising has a direct impact on visibility”

You remember Phoebe**? Young mum to Vince, who works all day and is always thinking about her son. It’s 10 o’clock. Her hunger makes her forget who made such a huge impression on her just an hour ago. And there’s the solution: The Fruitella* from Perfetti Van Melle that is lying on her desk helps her to quickly run through the figures. “I’ll get to work right away, but first I just need to guide my field workers with the FMCG app from Fearless Leader” she thinks as her gaze wanders outside but catches on the glass walls of the office.

“A Pure Taste – Anker Cask* from Brouwerij & Distilleerderij Wilderen, is that really what my colleague is offering to his guest even before lunchtime!? Why doesn’t he offer the Fair Trade fruit juice Justo* from Varesa at the back of the fridge? These office types are a bit strange,” she thinks as she thanks her lucky stars that she’s part of the field force.

The only man who makes a genuine impression on her is Vincent, her son. And talking about drinks: “Not long ago he asked me for a ‘still but healthy’ Wattwiller* from Spadel. Where does he find out about these things? Maybe he’s seen a friend drinking it? She sighs, but she’s not going to worry about it. “It’s astonishing how successful merchandising can quickly give new products a new identity”. Her career centres on marketing and CRM but what she doesn’t realise is that the fruity sweet, the tasty whiskeys and the Fair Trade juice that she noticed earlier are also Avento customers who are supported by the Fearless Leader app.

You might wonder how much work Phoebe actually does. Her day is so full of distractions. Read more about where her thoughts take her at 11 am.

** Phoebe and Vince are fictional characters. Any similarities with existing persons are purely coincidental.
* All these products are genuine and are placed in the market and supported by the FMCG app Fearless Leader, from Avento.