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Change management

The success of your digital transformation is measured by the acceptance and support in your organisation.  A digital transformation goes hand in hand with changes, both large and small, that lead to resistance. Are you prepared for this? Are you aware of the pitfalls of a digital transformation? In this interactive training course, you will learn best practices to make a success of your digital transformation. The course focuses on stakeholder management, managing scope & expectations, transparent and proactive communication, selection of project team members and end user buy-in. The key question in this story for end users is always “What’s in it for me?”

CRM Refreshment

Your organisation is expanding, colleagues are changing roles, new opportunities and best practices are emerging and technology is evolving. This course anticipates these challenges and ensures that your organisation always makes CRM work for you as efficiently as possible.

First Line Support

What is the best way to organise yourself to offer direct support to your end users? How can your end users’ questions be handled efficiently? How can you ensure that repetitive questions are collected in a structured way? What is best to include in your “Frequently Asked Questions”? What should you do with new staff and roles in CRM? What is the best practice for effective communication when you have updates, upgrades and maintenance work? What is the best way of coping with the Avento support cases system? How can you best use your support contract?

All these questions are covered in this course!


Power BI

The right business data visualised in the right way so that you can make the right decisions for better customer engagement. How can you set up effective business intelligence using Microsoft’s future-proof technology? Which data is relevant and what sources should be used? Which KPIs are you going to select and collect in the database? How can you, as the central administrator, define the necessary graphs that can be consulted by the right people in your organisation? Many participants have already found this course to be an eye-opener. Will you be the next?

MailChimp integration

This course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to integrate MailChimp smoothly into your CRM. This solution allows you to send bulk e-mails based on the mailing lists in your CRM. You can track responses to the right CRM contacts, leads and customers. We also guide you through the statistics provided such as mails sent, successful clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

XperiDo Document Integration

XperiDo is a Microsoft Dynamics extension that is more powerful than the standard mail merge yet less complex than SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reporting. This course teaches you how to easily create Word-based templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: quotations, orders, CVs, contracts etc. You will also learn how to make these templates available to users and automate them in the CRM.