Avento gets three footholds in France

Avento is successfully playing the French market. The specialist in mobile customer relationship management (CRM) and digital transformation is getting more than one foothold. Three French companies – two multinationals in paint and wine and one national player in the agricultural business – are collaborating with Avento to support their representatives and field workers with our mobile CRM app FMCG365. This news also reached Made in Mechelen.

Avento gets three footholds in France

The Netherlands are also game

“We’re still figuring out how we’re going to handle this from an organizational point of view. Because soon, we’ll also be active in the Netherlands, servicing another famous multinational in fast consumer goods. These last few months, we’ve welcomed some great new customers,” says Avento’s CEO Tom Moortgat.

Geographical and technical expansion

“Our app is used in 40 countries by 500 different brands. When it comes to our three new French customers, it’s worth mentioning that we’ll be working directly for the French headquarters. In France, we’re considered a platform-independent CRM specialist because we built our CRM solution, based on the infallible mobile technology of Resco.net, on Microsoft and Salesforce,” says Tom Moortgat.

“High success rate”

“We have a high success rate in France. The market does not seem that technologically advanced, but it operates on a much larger scale. A winery has 100 representatives, while an average brewer here only has a dozen. France is the food and beverage country par excellence, with a lot of domestic production. Hence, there are lots of companies involved in retail execution and CRM. This is a true milestone for us.”

Duvel Moortgat, the Abbey of Westmalle and Brewery Het Anker – to name a few – already use our app FMCG365 for their services. It gives their people access to all client information in all circumstances (even offline). FMCG365 also saves them a lot of time and entails better performances due to its handy tools for schedules, store checks, deliveries, reports and analysis.