Adding products to an assortment: Fearless Leader makes it easier than ever

A not to be underestimated task in CRM is keeping the assortment for each sales point up-to-date. In essence, this is not a complex task, however, small variances in the range can create an extra workload in practice. For example: bottles of Gouden Carolus in store A as usual, the same fantastic product in the context of a promotion in store B, and in store C it is the focus point for a store check.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that with just a few ticks, without switching from assortment to assortment? Imagine all that time you could save if this repetitive task was simplified!

=> Fearless Leader gives you the option to add products ‘in bulk’ to multiple store assortments in one go.

Fearless Leader doesn’t just enable you to add a product ‘in blocks’ to assortments, however. You can also make combinations of products with a specific set of features… For example: Gouden Carolus Blond is added to the assortment numbers A to F with this set of features: store check, status re orders… and to assortment numbers G to M with another set of features.

“Previously, each assortment had to be opened in order to enter the products with the corresponding features. The current method of working in blocks means fantastic time savings and a reduction in the margin of error because there are far fewer processes,” says Steven De Backer, product manager of Fearless Leader.

=> With Fearless Leader, you can also add products to assortments while you are in the sales points.

So you can keep everyone up to date. A field worker that spots a ‘new’ product that is not yet in the store’s assortment can add it. The assortment manager then validates this with the correct features and can also add information. The new product is then immediately available to all field workers in that store assortment.

Fearless Leader is exceptional in that field workers at a sales point can also offer products from rivals from their own database. These may or may not have been validated by the manager. This means that the rival’s actions can be closely monitored, the impact on your own share of shelf can be estimated, and it also offers a robust basis for decision-making in relation to promotions.


Ongoing innovation

“These recent improvements regarding assortment management are a perfect example of the ongoing push for innovation and a focus on user ease, Avento’s two core values. With Fearless Leader, our clients can lead the field and stay digitally updated”, adds Steven De Backer.  One innovation on the horizon is being able to use Fearless Leader with the camera on your smartphone or laptop during a store check to register, identify and validate unknown situations (own products that are not yet in the assortment or competing products).

Whether you are a product in the FMCG/CGP or a field agency, Avento Fearless Leader has all the features to ensure that customers choose your product and not that of the competition.