Zooms are great fun when it comes to fast moving consumer goods

A day in the life of Phoebe – Episode 7

“Today, I’ve already seen glasses filled with Baha Breeze, Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice and Ginstberg Mineral Water…” Everybody comes into contact with an Avento customer, every hour of every day. With a fast moving consumer good – a well-known brand  – that is placed in the market using the FMCG/CPG-app Fearless Leader from Avento. Field workers from these producers use Fearless Leader for their CRM and XRM. If you want to know which renowned products cross your path every day, follow Phoebe and Vince, a dedicated mother and her young son.

Zooms are great fun when it comes to fast moving consumer goods

Zooms are great fun when it comes to fast moving consumer goods

“Oops, almost parked too well”, she thinks and Phoebe brakes just in time to grab the last parking space in front of her door. “Local visits are lovely. Now, I have a few tiring Zooms”, she thinks.

Oh well, even if you work for the trendiest smoothie maker, things can get a bit dull. “Part of the job. I must convince people who still haven’t been introduced to Innocent Drinks”, she thinks. And she does this while being aware of non-verbal communication. “Today, I’ve already seen glasses filled with Baha Breeze*, Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice* and Ginstberg Mineral Water* – all from D-Drinks.”  What a collection! I might have expected De Bru* and the Carola Eau de Source d’Alsace* from Spadel. But a Devin* spa water, also from Spadel, from the Bulgarian mountains really took the biscuit!” There you are, a marketing employee for Innocent Drinks, and the others are all enjoying drinks from the competition during the Zooms. “Pffft, I couldn’t care less”, she laughs.

With a Barebells Protein Bar* from D-Drinks to keep her going, she rushes to the better supermarket to make her purchases for the dinner with Phoebe, the doting daughter, and the person she’s invited around for the evening. It’s her dad! And she grabs a great white Stellenbosch*, distributed by AdVini from the racks.

As far as we know, for Phoebe’s father, that Stellenbosch is the only Fearless Leader-promoted brand he’s seen so far. Which ones did he see earlier in the day and which ones will he see again? It’s a never ending story. But this is where our story ends.

** Phoebe and Vince are fictional characters. Any similarities with existing persons are purely coincidental.
*All these products are genuine and are placed in the market and supported by the FMCG app Fearless Leader, from Avento.