Working on a Microsoft cloud

Corona has brought many issues into the spotlight and is continuing to do so. One of the few positive effects of the pandemic has been the relaxation of the working organisation due to (sometimes mandatory) home-working and the fact that businesses have made huge efforts in terms of migration/integration in the cloud.

Working on a Microsoft cloud

Microsoft is certainly on cloud nine! The software giant has profited substantially from the increased demand for cloud services, the use of Teams is booming, and MSFT’s value on Wall Street has risen by 15% compared to its top value in the days before corona.

Red-green-yellow-blue cloud

As the actual home worker, you may also be working hard on one of the various clouds. After all, there are a range of cloud providers. And migrating to the cloud may not have been an easy process; we imagine things didn’t always run smoothly. Maybe you’ve even had to login to the servers using a VPN? The urgency of this type of change in the organisation immediately exposes bottlenecks and technical obstacles and highlights the complexity of existing solutions, the compatibility of systems, the need for external expertise and so on. The urgent nature of a migration also clearly underlines the strengths of an integrated system. Microsoft’s red-green-yellow-blue universe is exactly this type of integrated system.

With Avento, who else?

The world of Microsoft is a one-stop-shop. The shop offers the advantages of mutual compatibility and scalability. The Microsoft landscape is the only one that offers quick and smooth access to an intelligent and integrated business cloud. Office 365, including Teams, forms a stepping-stone towards the full digitalisation of your organisation. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can connect to the cloud and enable your business to grow. It is the full cloud-based ERP software solution for every business.  At an even higher level, there is the whole Microsoft Dynamics 365 landscape with tools for specific applications. With Power BI, all types of data are converted into a visual dashboard with management information. Microsoft  Azure provides the cloud infrastructure and corresponding services.

We can imagine that you may be keen to access the cloud, but are not sure how to do it. And that you don’t want to take on what could become a difficult task.  Microsoft can rely on a small army of partners which supervise various segments of the business world with concrete applications. Avento is a valued implementation partner with extensive expertise in Microsoft Office365, Dynamics365. Avento is a CRM specialist with international solutions such as the mobile CRM app FMCG365. In Belgium, we are the front runner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central and also function as a host for SharePoint.

Make the mental leap. We will guide you along your first steps to the cloud.