Why have one beer when you’re paying for four?

Obviously, this almost never happens. However, in the case of software… As a privileged partner of Microsoft, we got to get something off our chest. We notice that the many fantastic possibilities of Microsoft Office 365 E3 aren’t actually used that often. Many people don’t even know them: more than half of the tools in the Office 365 package are hardly or never used. So, you see? You actually are ignoring three tasty beers!

Office 365: tools worden niet optimaal benut.

This isn’t just our experience, this also the vision of Microsoft. Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word are known and used. But useful tools such as OneNote, SharePoint and Skype aren’t even unpacked. Do you know exactly what you can do with them? Is there an IT service provider that has put your attention to it? Both painful questions, especially the last one.

Fearless leading

We’ll take you by the hand and lead the way. But we don’t mean to be demeaning. On the contrary, Avento is a CRM partner that supports its clients during the entire deployment and implementation to make sure they become ‘fearless leading in the field’. We do this for clients that only use Office 365, but also for those who call upon us for CRM.

Stronger together

Click on the links below to find out – in less than a minute – how OneNote and SharePoint can quickly and easily bring your teamwork to a higher level.

OneNote is a digital notepad to secure and organize pieces of information on any type of device. Everything is immediately synchronized. Furthermore, OneNote contains layout functions and lets you share everything with your colleagues.

SharePoint is a mobile, intelligent and quickly customizable intranet. The ideal instrument for more advanced cooperation in teams and for managing and sharing files and folders.

Support in the field

‘To do is to be able.’ We see that every day when helping our customers use our CRM solutions. And this also goes for OneNote, SharePoint, the widely known Skype and other often forgotten jewels from the Office 365 package.

There’s no doubt we will get you to ‘doing’. Don’t hesitate and ask for our help to work even more efficient and goal-oriented with Office 365 tools. We have integrated OneNote and SharePoint in our mobile CRM solutions FMCG365, Textile365 and Industry365. And in our opinion, they could also be put to better practical use there.