What if Trump had been able to move his wall? Territory Management exists within marketing

What if the now job-seeking Donald Trump had been able to move his wall on the border with Mexico? What if you could move the hedge between you and your neighbour and share out grass-mowing more fairly?

What if Trump had been able to move his wall?  Territory Management exists within marketing


In the real world, of course, these are absurd suggestions. But, in Customer Relations Management there is a solution that provides this option. Fearless Leader, Avento’s specialised mobile app in the FMCG/CPG-market, is equipped with practical and automatic ‘Territory Management’, so you can effectively move the hedge and you and your neighbour’s plans are automatically adjusted.

The image shows a print screen from Territory Management. Indeed, Fearless Leader tends to work with graphics.

  • Points of sale and boundaries of working areas belonging to field workers are shown on a map. The POS can be selected according to specific criteria.
  • With Territory Management by Fearless Leader, you can easily adjust the regions on a map based on your employee’s workload. Make the X region bigger than the Y region simply by dragging the boundary on a map.
  • Territory Management automatically calculates new working schedules. The related tasks for the field worker are then automatically shown during the relevant POS visit. A planning decision leads to a quick and effective result.No experiments, just calculated solutions for professional management.


Monitor and improve

Fine tuning the workload is a ‘never ending story’. No two weeks are the same, even if all your workers are motivated and on the ball. Territory Management by Fearless Leader makes super-quick, day-to-day adjustments on the basis of deployment potential. Combine Territory Management with Resource Scheduling Automation – which shows where people are and who is on holiday or off sick – and you have an invincible team.

Fearless Leader also offers a range of other options: tools for more efficient store checks, useful business insights, real-time data flows thanks to synchronisation with the back office… There are dozens of reasons to find out more via the blogs.