Top performer with a remarkable profile: our mobile partner

Picked up by research authority Gartner earlier this year, a new and large client every day, hundreds of thousands of users and more than 2.000 corporate clients in over 100 countries? That’s a name you should know. However, when we tell the story of the Remote Solutions Company (Resco), a company founded in 1999 in the Slovakian capital Bratislava, most people raise their eyebrows.

Resco Mobile CRM: offline bruikbaarheid

This is a bit odd, since founders Eduard Kirchner, Radomir Vozar and Marcel Saffa have lived a true ‘Jobs’ story. They made some remarkable changes in their course, but each of them was a bullseye. From applications for the very first Personal Digital Assistants or PDA’s (Resco Photo Viewer, Resco Radio, Resco Audio Recorder) to those for Android and Windows Phone. Steve Jobs started his career at Atari, Resco made a brief journey into the gaming industry in 2002. But the most remarkable parallel? Resco’s founders are still aboard and – just like Jobs – refuse to let go of their brainchild, in spite of numerous takeover bids by Windows, amongst others.

Game changer in mobile CRM

In 2009, went in a whole new direction with the development of their Resco Mobile CRM, which turned the world of mobile Customer Relationship Management upside down. USP’s include real offline usability (thanks to a local partial copy) and offline synchronized multi-access (every contribution is saved; the last one who saves doesn’t override previous users). Few companies come close to Resco’s performance – not even the known quantities. The power of Resco Mobile CRM is also the power of Avento.

1 hour and 42 minutes per day

Why Avento calls upon for its specific CRM solutions? Just check out the following numbers, which recently shared during their “Business Mobility Event” in Prague:

  • One third of’s corporate clients are large companies or multinationals with over 1.000 employees.
  • The average user works 1 hours and 42 minutes per day with Resco Mobile CRM.
  • 61% of users is younger than 35.
  • Approximately one third of organizations that use Resco Mobile CRM are production companies, which usually expect a higher level of reliability and credibility than service providers do.
  • Approximately one fifth of users is active in the healthcare industry.
  • In 2018, Resco Mobile CRM gained at least 1 client every day. Over the last 10 years, welcomed 1.000 new clients and 100.000 new users, all thanks to their Mobile CRM.

Rising star

As mentioned before, has won the attention of the prominent research and advising agency Gartner. In their overview of Mobile Application Development Platforms, you’ll find in the category of ‘niche players’, creeping up on big names such as IBM, Red Hat and leaders such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Niche player. On the promising and unexploited market of mobile CRM, that is a highly desirable position. This is also the position we hold at Avento. Our CRM solutions have a set of qualities that further strengthen your leading position. And that makes sense, since they’re built on the leading technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and on Resco Mobile CRM.

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