Time with targeted customers = more money

The quote “Time is money” is attributed to 18th century American scientist Benjamin Franklin, the first man to describe electricity. That was a long time ago. These days, the title of this article is every bit as true. Time spent with clients with the greatest potential equals considerably higher profits. With these words, we have elegantly introduced the dilemma of Customer Relations Management (CRM). There are too many potentially interesting clients and not enough people to serve them all quickly and well.

Time with targeted customers = more money

Modern CRM, simplistic and efficient

What if the modern CRM system:

  • Could respond to the strategic priorities of the management autonomously?
  • Could map the potential of a client autonomously, considering these priorities?
  • Could keep this potential per client up-to-date autonomously, taking into account financial numbers, product & service data, loyalty figures and interpersonal nuances?
  • Could suggest the necessary actions for your field workers autonomously and organize the follow-up of these actions to optimally use the mapped potential?
  • Could visualize all these things for your team in an intuitive graphic manner?

Too simplistic? We don’t think so!

Today, the classic way of segmenting and taking action is surpassed by market leaders who are increasingly using intelligent CRM systems to fortify their position in the market. These CRM systems are adjusted, first and foremost, to the strategy of their user. On top of that, the necessary predictions are assisted by artificial intelligence. AI learns to make connections and does a lot more than the classic correlation analyses in Excel, which are quite time-consuming by the way.

That’s all great. But is it believable?

Is what we as a CRM specialist are saying really true? Are Avento’s CRM solutions modern and intelligent?

Well, some of our clients confirm it. Like Bart Vangramberen, general manager at Charlie-Brabo Group, recently said on Kanaal Z: “The CRM system allows us to efficiently use our sales force in the field. There are about 3,000 store points. The CRM system determines where the potential lies and where we can actively contribute in order to optimize our offer.”

Or how about Hans Rubens of brewery Het Anker: “Thanks to the FMCG solution, we have been able to pay more of our existing clients a visit and we can prospect new clients more efficiently. Put those two together and we have gained a lot of insight into our business and how we can service our clients in a better way.”

We do have to keep our promise. The perfect finish for this article comes from the man who probably knew best how to put “Time is money” into practice, Henry Ford. “A business absolutely devoted to Customer Service Excellence will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”