Three steps to really empower your team with FMCG365

Are all possibilities put to good use? Is there any room for improvement? And how can we bring about this improvement? These are all vital questions that are relevant to every level in a company, from CEO to employee. For your sales division, providing your teams with the right insights and appropriate coaching is key in order for them to raise their efficiency. That’s the way to team empowerment.

In de sales draait het erom uw teams de juiste inzichten en coaching te geven zodat ze hun rendement kunnen verhogen.

Consequently, efficient Customer Relations Management doesn’t leave any room for leadership by gut feeling or by trial and error. Sadly, this is still often the case, due to inefficient information flows or faulty registration. Such a learning process is extremely expensive.

You could do better. How? By turning your company into a self-learning organization, that is capable of quickly identifying opportunities and developing best practices.

The ideal is attainable

FMCG365 is probably the fastest route to really ‘empowering’ your people and to better results. It’s a powerful CRM solution and it has all the features to help you attain the ideal of a ‘smart’ organization in three steps.

  • Clearly defined goals

FMCG365 allows you to translate strategic choices into operational goals with utmost precision. Targets and KPIs are transformed into concrete actions, which are displayed in an orderly fashion. The right actions in the right POS, checklists, specific points of attention… FMCG365 enables your people to do precisely what is needed in the handiest and quickest manner.

  • Insights on every level

The success of policy-determining choices is determined by the quality of the input data. FMCG365 generates this data and these insights. Fieldworkers collect the data, which is then automatically consolidated in the back office. Consequently, we are talking about almost ‘real time’ data concerning ‘facings’, ‘rotations’, ‘out of stock’ and ‘price’. FMCG365 not only registers but also analyzes this data. This way, the concrete results of previous actions immediately become clear to everyone.

  • Maximum flexibility

FMCG365 allows you to lead the way. Because that is essentially what everybody at your company wants: they want to grow in their job and perform as best as they can. FMCG365 helps with concrete data to daily optimize operational actions and work schedules.

After going through these three steps, your company will not only be self-learning, it will also be extremely agile. Your teams will identify opportunities more quickly and they will be able to anticipate properly.

The result: a faster moving organization

Acting on recent events or new data can be invaluable when starting up new actions in the field and determining certain POS react more favorably than others. Consequently, there should be more focus on these POS. It’s possible to change the tasks of a fieldworker throughout the day. These tasks will automatically pop up during the right Point of Sale visit. As such, an action can be initiated quickly but thanks to FMCG365, it can also lead to action in the field that same day and to actual results.

Resource Scheduling Automation

This flexibility is of course also very important for your work schedule. In a previous blog, we already explained that you can perfectly monitor your people’s workload and easily optimize their schedule with FMCG365. It offers instant solutions, for example in the case of an illness or unexpected events. FMCG365 automatically makes the necessary changes to the schedule thanks to Resource Scheduling Automation (see image). These changes are immediately visible in the new schedules for the fieldworkers.

Gut feeling is no longer an option

Do not let these examples and useful functions blind you. FMCG365 is very user-friendly but it also inherently changes the DNA of your teams. Everybody in the organization, from CEO to fieldworker, receives the necessary tools to continuously perform better. Steering your sales using only your gut feeling is no longer an option.