Three advantages of Avento’s account card

FMCG365 – Master data

Avento’s FMCG365 is a mobile CRM solution with a set of powerful qualities that can further strengthen your leading position. FMCG365 is based on the common standards on the FMCG market and is easily configurable according to the specific needs of your company. In this blog, we will shed some light on all the different functions.

Master data zijn gegevens uit de kern van uw bedrijfsprocessen en de relaties hiertussen.

Master data

Master data are data derived from the core of your business processes and their internal relations. In an FMCG environment, this data includes client records, product records and products per client. These data are standardized throughout the entire organization and are the glue that keep all the other data together.

FMCG365 is equipped with a well-structured account card, which allows your people to work proactively. This account card has a few characteristics: contact details (obviously), the selection of products, the type of client… This is standard for every account card of every CRM system. But Avento takes it a step further with FMCG365.

“FMCG365 immediately tells you how healthy the commercial relationship is.”

  1. Relevant and tailor-made information

Thanks to our elaborate experience in fast moving industry goods, you don’t have to go looking for the most relevant data. You’ll find it in a glance at the top. For instance, you can see what the client’s primary brand is, who his prime supplier is… Each field takes up no more than the necessary space, so you can find out everything you need to know in the blink of an eye. The storage of master data can also be adapted according to the business situation, with customized names, units, notations…


  1. Complete history

During a well-prepared visit on location, it can still be possible that you have to travel back in time. That ‘preparation’ is incorporated in the account card. You will find a complete overview of all previous visits. This way, you are well-informed to take on unexpected opportunities or to counter misunderstandings with hard facts.

  1. Analysis and action

The account card gives you a comprehensive image of how healthy your commercial relationship actually is. How frequent are the visits, how are specific actions being monitored, what was the result of previous store checks…? You’ll have a 360° image, with a clear view of upcoming actions. The purpose of the data is to be more proactive and to plan ahead. These master data form the basis for our analytic features and the artificial intelligence, which we incorporated in FMCG365.

The human touch

The account card is the primary node in the FMCG365 app. From this overview, you will find all other details with only one click. However, despite this elaborate digital support, the core of strong commercial work is often still that human touch.

“When presenting FMCG365, I often get reactions such as ‘I know my clients and my schedule, which works very well’ or ‘I’ve been talking to my clients for 20 years now, why would I write down their information?’. However, we often notice that our greatest opposers quickly become our most zealous ambassadors. They notice that FMCG365 is able to process all situations, even the so-called exceptional ones. For example, the interests or the delicate subject matter for every contact are registered in short notes. There’s also a link to social media. Because everything starts with solid contacts,” says Steven De Backer, product manager FMCG365.

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