There is an experienced pollster in every field worker

In fact, there is an experienced pollster in Fearless Leader. Sometimes, a field worker is expected to go the extra mile and asked to record qualitative, detailed information instead of just figures and orders. For example, when there are seasonal changes, a rival is running a promotion, the hospitality industry is opening up again… How large is the terrace’s surface area? Are there parasols? It is then of vital importance that the field workers – ALL field workers –  are provided with the same set of questions for gathering data.

Field medewerker

Fearless Leader has comprehensive options for planning this type of survey at very short notice and carrying it out with flawless precision.

Structured answers!

Structured answers are essential if you wish to collect usable data. With Fearless Leader, it is a piece of cake to create question sets which are structured and easy to answer:

  • Yes/no
  • Numeric details
  • For defined answers: very tidy, tidy, reasonable, really needs a clean…
  • Dates

With each click, these question sets can be linked to specific activities, set store points, defined products…


A small step for Fearless Leader, a giant leap for field workers

Information that is collated in this way is ideal for making analyses and preparing new activities. There are a few more clear advantages too:

  • Fearless Leader allows you to coordinate the surveys smoothly and centrally and to issue the tasks quickly to the target groups and field workers. Asking the right questions in the right stores will become child’s play.
  • It will take your field workers very little time, with their structured and easy to fill-in question sets. Conducting this type of modern survey is quick and can never be demotivating.
  • The margin of error is reduced to almost 0.
  • With structured question sets, the inconvenience of a survey is also minimised for the sales point operators. They don’t need to complete forms and then make follow-up calls because they have forgotten something…

“This is one of the many features which allows Fearless Leader to simplify the work of field workers. Fearless Leader gives you all the instruments you need to realise concrete results. That’s why the app is called Fearless Leader; it puts you on the path to profits, also in relation to other challenges in Customer Relation Management,” says Steven De Backer, product manager for Fearless Leader.