Steven De Backer, product manager on the stand-out qualities of ‘his’ Fearless Leader

Of course you have heard of Avento’s mobile CRM app Fearless Leader. We announced the app’s new name by making comparisons with the nicknames of legendary footballers such as Messi and Maradonna. Remember? Now, it’s time to grill product manager Steven De Backer. We will only let him go once he has told us about the three most useful features.

Steven De Backer, product manager on the stand-out qualities of ‘his’ Fearless Leader

Head and shoulders above the rest:

Optimum planning

Steven: “Fearless Leader enables field workers to very swiftly plan their work several weeks in advance. In doing so, they can leave all the brain work and calculations to Fearless Leader. Needless to say the work schedules generated fully take the user’s diary into account. The same applies to the number of kilometres to be travelled and the diaries of the customer accounts to be visited. It’s so much more than just a simple route planner. Fearless Leader even takes account of the sales rep’s routines, finishing earlier on Tuesdays for example, and the availability of the contact persons and the opening hours of the businesses in question. The jigsaw is pieced together with just a few clicks in under a minute. Fearless Leader not only relieves the field worker of a great deal of planning work, the optimum organisational configuration also gets him off the road and into the shops as widely as possible.”

Undisputed number 2:

Swift administration

Steven: “Fearless Leader enables field workers to carry out their routine duties swiftly and efficiently. Taking orders, conducting store checks, recording complaints… The app is built to be user-friendly and to ensure – based on historical data – that a great deal of information is pre-loaded so that only elements that derogate therefrom need to be entered. The order sequence of the processes too is logically structured. You never need to search for things or spend time waiting. It gives you so much more time to focus on genuine communication with your contacts.”

At 3: Smart reports

Steven: “With the historical data, Fearless Leader easily generates automatic reports and forecasts. You decide the actions to be carried out and the criteria – e.g. all customers with turnover greater than xxx and/or customers that have not been visited in the past three weeks – and Fearless Leader will generate the report you need overnight, nicely presented and including all the graphs you need, thanks to Power BI. This gives management every opportunity to capitalise on specific situations. With Fearless Leader, launching a targeted sales campaign takes very little time as the work involved is automatically distributed via the planning schedule across the number of people available, who are also immediately allocated the extra time they need.”

A dream partner

Fearless Leader takes a great deal of work off your hands and facilitates smart management. Can we use that to summarise, Steven? “There’s so much more to say but the shortest possible description would be: Fearless Leader gives you more time for human interaction at the appropriate times. It’s every field worker’s dream.”