Spontaneous words of our customers: we just collected them!

There’s no stronger argument than the praise of our happy customers. Okay, we’ll admit it. We’ve collected these words ourselves. And we don’t have that much competition for our solutions, customers bring on other customers. That’s true. On top of that, there’s a lot of progression to be made in the field of CRM, starting with mobile CRM. You are completely right. Quick wins, you might think. However, read on because these testimonials will give you a good idea of what we can do.

Spontaneous words of our customers: we just collected them!

Surprisingly user-friendly

Guido Bastiaensen, Sales Director at Westmalle Brewery: “The people at Avento really go all the way for their customers. We were immediately pleasantly surprised by FMCG365’s user-friendliness. With only a minimum of actions, you get maximum information. At the time, we were also exploring other programs, but those made us fear for overshooting. FMCG365 is tailor-made for our organization.”

Quick reactions

Jerome Lachaert, Sales Director at D-Drinks: “Avento thinks proactively and keeps on innovating to get our products faster and better to our clients. We’ve been working with Avento for quite some years now and we’re very happy about this collaboration. We also match well on a personal level. They react quickly and appropriately.”

Everything runs through FMCG365

Patrick Tritz, Sales Manager at Field Resource: “We were pleasantly surprised by the many possibilities. We have succeeded in eliminating all paper administration during client visits. All our communication also runs through FMCG365: from team briefings to monitoring results. We combine our CRM with Power BI, which allows us to easily create qualitative reports.”

Work without this solution?

Patrick Versluys, Business Owner at Limarc: “I can strongly recommend the Avento Solution to companies with field workers. Working without this solution… That would lead to a significant drop in the quality of our service.”

Great results

Elisabeth Holtrust, Business Owner (AA Drinks) at USD Belgium: “The results are great! Since the implementation of Avento Mobile Drinks, the average assortment share of AA Drinks has gone from 42 to 62 percent.”

That’s all great but I’d like to see for myself

You can easily do that in Microsoft’s Appsource. As of recently, FMCG365 has its own test drive on this platform. Or request a demo or trial version. You’re very welcome!