spring update gives FMCG365 even more muscles

FMCG365, Avento’s mobile CRM solution, already has a lot of muscles. You can regularly read about it in our blogs. Now, we can beef up those blogs with the following features: easy to customize, even better conflict management between users, improved navigation, efficient screen usage and faster synchronization that can take on large volumes of data. spring update gives FMCG365 even more muscles

These improvements make up the most important updates that Resco announced for its Mobile Business Apps Platform. Since FMCG365 is built on technology of (and Microsoft Dynamics 365), this gives us more proteins.

What about your biceps?

FMCG365 focusses on fast-moving consumer goods and is fully customized by Avento to meet the demands of its users. With adapted structure, functions and interfaces according to sectors or even production lines and business processes.

So how about your biceps? Do you know FMCG365 or do you already work with it? Let us know which improvements you would like to test or use.

Not familiar with FMCG365? We’re courteous and won’t ask about your current biceps 😉 But do read further and discover what it’s all about – real conflict-free offline synchronization and excellent user-friendliness. You’ll get a pretty good idea of what mobile CRM could be.


Without getting into the specifics (you can find those here), we’ll give you a technical summary of the update.

  • Better mobile user experience.
  • More efficient screens due to automatic adjustment of frame size.
  • Possibility to add instructions without using JavaScript. This results in faster and more efficient tailored work.
  • Users can manage conflicts themselves when the same data are changed in the app or on the server.
  • Improved Dashboard with more filters and more options for data export. This way, you get a clear view of how your people are using the app.

Biceps or not, further practice is always needed for those who strive for improvement. Get to know FMCG365 now!