Perfect Store

A new year is the perfect time to stop and look at a new development in the retail landscape: the ‘Perfect Store’.  This retail concept enables suppliers and retail operators to anticipate the customers’ wishes and experience as best possible.

The perfect store is een winkelconcept dat inspeelt op belevingswereld!

Before we go into more depth, here is a rather remarkable figure:  barely 20% of consumer goods manufacturers are ‘happy’ with their potential to exercise influence in the shops themselves.  This figure has been put forward by Campodata (, a South American specialist in ‘retail productivity software’.  In any event it indicates that there will be some changes.

The ‘Perfect Store’ is therefore a retail environment in which products are presented in the best possible way, with maximum impact on buying behaviour. Exerting influence on the buyer means ‘grabbing’ the consumer, giving him a reason to stay in the shop or by the product and to consider or try it. This is how to stand out from the competition, irrespective of the intrinsic qualities of the product.

Bridge between retailer and supplier

The Perfect Store concept also builds a bridge between the business owner/retailer and their supplier. Whilst in the past the business owner was more or less guided by gut-feeling, now he/she can work with the supplier to use data flows to give a factual basis to this feeling and prepare much better.

The Perfect Store method gets the most out of a site because of the perfect fit between the product range and target group.  This method optimises the use of the latest technological developments and combines these with the experience and recommendations of suppliers.

You can’t hit a target you never set

Avento can only underline the few key themes that Campodata links to this concept. You can’t hit a target you never set, so: define standards and reliable indicators (KPIs). Make sure that performance is measured and use simple systems that staff enjoy using. Reward your people, they are your eyes and ears. And they enable you to identify trends quickly and tackle problems straight away.

Avento FMCG365, which enables you to increase your sales efforts efficiently and improve your service, is indispensable in this context.

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