‘Perfect Insights’ give your results a real boost

There is a lot going on in the retail landscape. In a previous post, we talked about the ‘Perfect Store’ that is structured to have maximum impact on buying behaviour by means of a sophisticated presentation: the perfect fit of product range and target group. Modern field CRM systems can generate the information to make that a reality. The smart marketing professional will find a wealth of valuable information.

‘perfect insights’ stellen u in staat om uw winkelomgeving voortdurend en efficiënt te perfectioneren en perfect te houden.

But modern CRM systems now do much more than that. According to the research firm Gartner, this year approximately 20% of policy-defining data will be generated ‘automatically’ without human intervention. Machine learning is quickly making inroads into the business world, which is ready for an efficiency boost like this because – again according to Gartner – around 6 million connected devices worldwide need to be able to share data with other devices.

Treasures within easy reach

Sales forecasts, time management, resource planning, analysis of interactions, real time monitoring, etc. Thanks to the flow of data, all of these are within easy reach. These are the ‘perfect insights’ that will enable you to perfect your retail environment continuously and efficiently and to keep it perfect.

On top of that is a dose of machine learning which, as we said, will direct one fifth of decisions in 2018. The main driver behind the trend is the fact that more and more CRM systems operate in the cloud and obtain information from different sources (social media as well as publicly accessible databases, etc.) and the rise of powerful mathematical algorithms that can detect correlations in a mass of data.

Top level human support

However, it is not enough just to implement a CRM solution, customise its configuration and let the cloud do the extra work. There is much more involved in the field. Data needs to be converted into specific, customer-oriented actions and you need a trained sales or marketing professional if you are really to get the most out of a CRM solution.

You doubtlessly have those people in-house. With Avento Dynamics 365/CRM, Avento puts them in the field with very ‘human’ support at the top level, enabling them to achieve fast results with both their own insights and machine learning.


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